20 January 2011

eMusic CEO and International Felon (Boumat, S.A. 1996) Adam Klein spends countless sums of money to avoid paying child support for his daughter with an Arabian last name.

KingCast smells a rat in the kitchen, perhaps several. But you know what's a poor boy to do when he's gotta subsidize his $11M Central Park West digs..... it's tough tough tough tough tough... to live in New York.... gotta' shave some money off of those pesky child support obligations you paid for 6 years before finding a loophole... and of course the Court is all too-willing to assist in that endeavor with what the clerk explained to me is a "128" Unpublished Decision.

I reckon it's called a "128" not in honor of an old Fiat but because it's supposed to stay within the 128 loop. Well guess what? I just changed all of that, Shadooby.

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