03 January 2011

eMusic CEO Adam Klein is a lowlife crook..... Fraudulent transfers of money. And of course he also hates paying child support, nice.

April 2014 Update:

This dirty motherfucker is no longer with eMusic and switched jobs and is doing so in a way to avoid paying child support/insurance benefits. More to come.

CLICK HERE TO EXPAND: eMusic_CEO_Adam_Klein's_Conviction_sheet_for_Fraud
Update: I see Lee Levine & Bowser is now all over this page, well what are you looking at, guys welcome to the Truth, and it's about time someone made you face it. I've got more in store for you, too so stick around. You guys are playing games with an innocent child.

And here is the letter from the South African AG Office to Boumat Counsel thanking him for his professionalism in prosecuting Adam Klein. And if I hear tell of any of you lawyers or Court threaten DK because I found out about this I will see to it that you visit this page as well. The facts are the facts whether you like them or not.

cc: Kris Frieswick. Kris we've got a follow up for you on your brilliant 2009 Boston Magazine piece "Till Death Do Us Pay." Note that the folks you interviewed are involved in the questionable practices in the first place. 

Meanwhile the Judges at the Middlesex Court keep on protecting Adam Klein, well I'm about to shed some KingCast video bright light on this nonsense. Watch them arbitrarily deny me court access so I have to shoot it out in the hallway or outside, thereby proving my point: The whole thing is dirty and I hope a BBO Complaint issues against Linda Ouellette, see the first back story journal entry. Let me warn Jeffrey Denner and his pals, I was right about you the last time we had this dance, and I'm right again.

In a case like this there is typically a Discovery Master appointed and there are rules and a schedule to be followed. All Parties and Counsel will need to show that they complied with such a schedule, and if there are any Demands for Discovery or Motions to Compel levied against either Party their lawyers are required to show them the actual Motions, not just tell them that such Motions exist. This is legal representation 101 folks but something seems askance here..... the Orlando Sentinel had the same observations on a case down there, where the Court is fining Counsel for failure to adhere to the Rules of Discovery.

Update: The mother of the victim is featured in today's news story -- 30 Dec. 2010 -- from Cambridge Local, she's a hard-working equine dentist, trying to build a company while fighting this International jerk. Here's your behind story journal entry.

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Christopher King said...

Adjunct Professor and eMusic CEO Adam Klein is a convicted felon who hates to pay child support.

Christopher King to cnevins, pr, emusic....
show details 8:25 PM (3 minutes ago)

As sent to various contacts at Columbia J-School, Medill School of Journalism and blind copies.

Dear Dean of Students and all Columbia friends and faculty.

Some years ago I dated an Associate Professor at Columbia who will definitely remain nameless as to keep any heat off of her, but let's just say that I was duly impressed by the integrity and dedication that she brought to her position. Columbia has rightly earned a reputation for stellar journalism such that I've thought about engaging in a course of study there as I approach middle age.

Sadly, it is that sense of integrity that is being challenged by your adjunct professor Adam Klein, who has materially misrepresented any and all job applications in which he has mentioned his previous employment with Boumat over the years. My tweet:

eMusic CEO Adam Klein - documented Felon (South Africa AG letter) who hates paying child support:

I don't know what you or eMusic plans to do about this, but I know I have represented people who merely misrepresented a level of schooling who were summarily dismissed from executive level employment because you simply cannot grant imprimatur to cheating and lying. That sort of conduct is what has America in such dire straits right now. Haliburton, Madoff, Enron, American Tower Corp, the Mortgage Industry...... and so on. I'm not here to tell you what to do from an HR perspective, and I'm certain that if you fire him he will use that as yet another excuse to quit paying the agreement he had for $23K/yr. for global coverage for his daughter, who lives in the Greater Boston area near me. Well actually the Court of Appeals already gave him that right in a hush-hush Rule 128 nonpublished opinion that I have.

Now he wants to avoid paying for college and for the weekly child support.

There has not been an increase in child support for twelve -- count 'em -- 12 years.

Emails to his counsel have not been returned.


Booz-Allen, Ask Jeeves, MTV, Bullet Magazine, VideoEgg, Hasbro, EMI, who in the hell was doing the vetting of this candidate and what did he represent to them.

His lawyers at Lee Levine Bowser are tight with Judge Spencer Kagan, the architect of much of the abuse that the mother of his child has sustained in her attempts to get Justice for their child.

Look: Every day I read stories about black folks burdening the system, having babies out of wedlock and shirking their responsibilities and being criminally-minded. Now we have a knight in shining white armor who is the lying criminal, meting out niggardly child support based on (relative to) his income -- which he won't even disclose but I'm sure it has been Quite High.

If you want to swing your d*ck in the wind, then swing away. But if you make millions of dollars a year and live in $11M digs at 15 Central Park West, you have to be a Man about it and honor the Agreements you made with the mother -- especially if you pursued her in the first place. Which he most certainly did, he left a note on her car indicating that he had been watching her for a long time when she turned laps in the pool where she was a massage therapist and he worked as a Consultant in the Charles Hotel here in Boston IIRC.

And it would help if you stop lying about your background.

Christopher King, J.D.
http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People