27 January 2011

Did Boston City plows leave a guy high and dry and refuse to help him later?

That's his Lady at the helm after we helped dig the car out..... Stay tuned for the chilling conclusion in this exclusive KingCast feature investigation.


Lehiff said...

Where's the follow up?

Christopher King said...

I need to reach City Hall Monday to determine who plowed him up.


Tony said...

Brian "Sparkie" O'Neill is the guys name.

Christopher King said...

I called Mayor's Office and Public Works no one said they knew a Mr. O'Neill..... see how the Fun Starts?

Life is strange, but to my knowledge it beats the alternative.

More follow up tomorrow.


Tony said...

He doesn't work for the City. He works for himself. I will try find his company website and let you know.

Christopher King said...

More background on how I patrol this area and helped make the city clean it up last year.

The video with me on the Duck 796 is the first one, the second one above it with Inspection Services truck is the follow up.



Pat said...

Here's Sparky's website and truck from the video...http://bostonemergencyservice.com/ . Where is the rest of the video? I wanna see it dude!

Mak said...

Wats the deal yo! No more!?