15 January 2011

Dennis Gilman shows how racism in Arizona is just like racism in South Africa: Different Day, same Ugly.

The year was 1981 and thoughts of undergrad study were just registering with me, before I would later hold court and march against Apartheid, issuing public commentary after a march through Cincinnati, another racist wasteland. My Main Man Dennis Gilman is always holding court in Arizona, and breaking it right on down with prose and video when it comes to Civil Rights.  Here's a story about Dennis and Yours Truly in the Phoenix New Times, with a video link to Joe Arpaio and his people, including Kelly Ayotte, espousing the same type of racism 30 years later.  

Sadly, some parts of America are just like some parts of South Africa, yet we sit here as the alleged protector of the World when it comes to Civil Rights, what bullshit. Hell I had to sue Senator Kelly Ayotte and her Tea Party/Republican supporters as Niggermania supports her for "throwing [my] nigger ass out" of her public campaign events. Here's a good read for that, the follow-up to the Christmas letter to Congressman Adam Schiff, who initiated the Daniel Pearl Freedom of Press Act. Obviously he and others are quite busy right now but I'll be back in touch with his office next week.

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