31 January 2011

KingCast ode to Vitas Gerulaitis, "The Man." Put him in the Tennis Hall of Fame. Now.

Image from The Selvegeyard. Everyone knows I love John McEnroe's game (and Hana Mandlikova's) more than anyone else's. But who is up there at the top? Who was the working-class bloke who made it to the Top? Who bridged the gap betweeen Mac and Connors? Who was perhaps the fastest player to ever grace the game? Who gave back to the community's children? Who's the only player's named racquet did I buy? (Note: Not true -- I forgot about the two McEnroe Maxplys) Who's the only player whose named clothing line (Maggia) I wore? Who had the nastiest serve & volley game behind Johnny Mac? Who was the coolest tennis player ever?

Broadway Vitas, regardless of his drug woes for a bit, overzealous prosecuction notwithstanding. Thanks to the Tennis Channel for airing this Vitas Gerulaitis special, and thnks in advance for them airing Arthur Ashe d. Jimmy Connors Wimbledon 1975 tomorrow. When Vitas died it was a few years after I lived in a friend's pool house before I found my apartment when I moved to work for the Indianapolis Star. Obviously in the parlance of today's youth I was like, oh, shit, there but for the Grace of God. there go I. 

Vitas and Mac duke it out in the 1979 U.S. Open final at 7:00 of the above video, showing Kelly Ayotte supporter, Bermuda Ambassador and Dartmouth Professor Greg Slayton and me talking about his tennis experiences growing up with with Mac and Vitas. It also shows former U.S. Marshal and Kelly Ayotte cabinet member Stephen Monier being a lying, racist, manipulative jerk; I'm moving to unseal Ralph Holder's lawsuit involving his antics because they pertain to my Free Press lawsuit against Tea Party Toady and U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte. Anyway, many may come and go, but none will be cooler than Vitas G. We miss you, Man.

KingCast FOIA Request to U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte: Any and all documents bearing my name.*

Dear Senator Ayotte:

As of 1 February, 2011 please provide a copy of any and all documents bearing the names or words, Christopher King, Christopher King, J.D., Christopher King, Esq., KingCast, Chris King's First Amendment Page, Chris King's 1st Amendment Page, or any documents that refer to same. Also please provide any and all documents you have received that mention or are related to the web page bearing this URL:

Obviously any documents received pursuant to Attorney Client privilege from your erstwhile and judicially well-connected colleagues (KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayottte, GOP and Nashua PD Nh Dist 2010-CV-501 Motion for 28 U.S.C. §455 Disclosure) at McLane, Graf are exempt. As the Senate unanimously approved the Faster FOIA Act, I expect a timely response. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

*I don't think I'm going to serve it, not enough clear authority that it may be served on an individual Senator. But here is some interesting reading though on Eric Holder's reversal of policy.

Christopher King, J.D.
KingCast.net: Reel News for Real People.

30 January 2011

Implode-Explode and Price v. Time inform KingCast panel discussion on reporter's privilege at 2011 NENPA Annual Convention and Trade Show.

Foreward: The email to my peers under the bogus Kelly Ayotte indictment and fired Jaffrey PD (drawing disability payment) Marty Dunn criminal charges (all dismissed) when I was NAACP Legal Chair is in the comments.  I've been waiting 5+ years for this moment.

So life can't be all about the new Triumph and waiting for springtime to use it to jet from media event to media event. No, indeed it isn't, so I turn my thoughts back to next week's NENPA Conference on the subject of who and what is a full-fledged journalist. John Christie and John Voket will join me. This is my first entry on the matter noting, inter alia, that you are allowed to have strongly-worded opinions and still be a journalist. Heck, folks like the Boston Herald's Michele McPhee have strong opinions so I give it right back to her. Basically she said former Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner was a "bigoted moron" and I said she and the Herald are "racist tools of oppression, and proper subjects of successful Defamation lawsuits."
I have always liked Clarence Page, way back I was working in mainstream press. In this 2005 PBS segment he says "We're all journalists, just get your facts straight or lose credibility." As we shall see in this journal entry that admonition also applies across the board, ahem.

To my mind there are two key components to that equation and they involve access to crime scene information and reporter's privilege in States that recognize shield laws.

The Police access issue I deal with on an ad hoc basis, I just carry a KingCast business card and an admittedly expired NENPA card, explaining that they don't issue them anymore because it has become too confusing to, ahem... police. Then I turn to Mortgage Specialists v. Implode Explode, as I told Nashua, NH City Attorney about the NH High Court case that awarded full privileges to online journalists: 
Freedom of the press is a fundamental personal right which is not confined to newspapers and periodicals. . . . The press in its historic connotation comprehends every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion.
See it used in context in this journal when the GOP threatened to arrest me prompting further and ongoing litigation.

29 January 2011

KingCast presents the 2002 Triumph Sprint ST........... Mr. Midrange.

Now I never thought I would be "happy" that some schmuck pulled out in front of me on the 650R but hey lemons to lemonade. Oh, yah this rig is like a locomotive, strong all around, beauty and brawn. And with the Powermax under seat exhaust it has a sound all of its own, approaching feral is one way to describe it. 115-120hp or so at the wheel, rigid chassis, nice riding posture, heated grips, all of it for perfect sport-touring. Vid of a couple of tepid passes on a dodgy secondary road on my first ride. I bought it without even riding it and I have no regrets, I knew as soon as I saw it that it was The Shit.

28 January 2011

KingCast gets another visit from his Superlawyer fans at Lee, Levine & Bowser!

If you want to be a Superlawyer in Boston you can't waste your time reading any ordinary legal journals, you've got to read the best, and that is why I'm so honored that these guys LOVE my journal! It's good to have the support and following of these Boston area Superlawyers. Here's the back story about one of their more illustrious clients, a man who has overcome the extreme adversity of a having a Felony Conviction on his record to head up countless top-notch communications and entertainment companies including VideoEgg, Muze, Ask Jeeves (24 July 2000 Employment Contract and 28 March 2001 Separation Agreement with a Cambridge, Mass address), Hasbro and 23 March, 1999 Separation Agreement same address), and now eMusic (no Separation Agreement yet, ahem) with an adjunct position at Columbia's J-School, which may be prompting Time Magazine to consider him Man of the Year. I would support that development because it would undoubtedly lead to increased income, and that could then flow to his daughter in a bitterly-contested child support case. Not to mention the cost of keeping  up those $11M digs at 15 Central Park West. Speaking of income, I have heard many months and years ago that he has never produced any meaningful financial statements. I wonder if that's true.... but of course I wouldn't know because the Court file is sealed, Shadooby.

Anyway, check below the fold to see what they're reading and perhaps one day you too.... can become an Uberlawyer!
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27 January 2011

Did Boston City plows leave a guy high and dry and refuse to help him later?

That's his Lady at the helm after we helped dig the car out..... Stay tuned for the chilling conclusion in this exclusive KingCast feature investigation.

KingCast Go to Hell letter to Michele McPhee: You, Howie Carr and the Boston Herald are racist tools of oppression, and proper subjects of successful Defamation lawsuits.

First you need to read Wendy Kaminer's  the Atlantic feature

Public Enemies: Councilman Sentenced for Offending Federal Prosecutors.

I'm sure you don't like me or my Chuck Turner coverage. And I don't like you or your junky racist newspaper. But when it all comes down, at least I've never been successfully and repeatedly sued for Defamation. In point of fact I've never been sued for Defamation because unlike Howie Carr I know who I am writing about. And unlike Jessica Van Sack, I know what I'm writing about. And as to the fact that you and Howie Carr are business parters with Casey Sherman, who notes that I "literally helped him write "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains," (he says so at 4:40 of the bottom video) I really couldn't care less. Frankly I was shocked to discover that he runs with lowlifes like you, but hey it's all right as long as he disinfects his hand before I shake it next time I see him.

Now I will sit back and watch Joana Marinova finish kicking your ever-loving asses in Marinova v. Jessica Van Sack et al., 2010-CV-1316, hahahahaaaa..... hahahahaaaaa....

"Boone the Coon....." Know your history, you little right wing fascist tool.

Murphy, Anderson and other powerhouse law firms are reading KingCast First Amendment and Kelly Ayotte is a horrible freshman Senator pages today.

Powerhouse First Amendment law firm Murhpy Anderson ran a search this morning. NH and Nashua GOP Defendant powerhouse law firm Nixon Peabody ran a search for Gordon MacDonald to read about the pending Rule 11 and Ethics Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal issue in the KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte et al. Free Press Racial litigation, 2010-CV-501 (First Amended Complaint). Read the Pending non-monetary Global Settlement Offer. McLane, Graf powerhouse law firm, with substantial contacts and influence with Magistrate Judge Landya McCafferty (org chart & 42 U.S.C. §455 Memorandum) peeped in. EEOC discrimination litigant and former EEOC Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock gave a holler, I owe her a phone call today. The Cleveland Orchestra, from the same large city block where I graduated from Case Western Reserve Law School checked in, as did the NH Public Defender's Office.

And last but definitely not least, Boston's own Freeman Z (read my 2006 journal entry) about Nashua's Michael Gannon and him) popped in to say hello yesterday over at my YouTube Channel, KingCast65 as linked in the banner. More Freeman Z video with Chuck Turner: Hurricane Katrina: The Nation's black 9/11.

BTW Gordon MacDonald and Tennis Channel's Leif Shiras were separated at birth, LOL.

See what they are all reading about below the fold.
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26 January 2011

KingCast raps with an EEOC victim, their own Attorney Examiner -- MS and Systemic Lupus survivor Mary Elizabeth Bullock.

Yah, she wrote me today. No, I ain't saying what we're talking about, at least not yet.
"You think you're gonna' win this case?
"Well you're gonna win it but you're never gonna win it because we're gonna appeal it until you're dead."
.....They weren't even following their own mission statement...."
Now you see before I was a lawyer with the AG's office, I was a law clerk with the stateside EECO/Civil Rights Commission. And I saw how the agency would screw so many Complaining Parties who has solid cases it was disgusting. I love this video production and quality, watch for the next KingCast equipment upgrade this year, mostly in the sound production quality.

KingCast Settlement Offer to Defendants Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD goes ignored + other spicy emails about a pissed-off redneck cop named Jim Hargreaves.

It seems the Defendants are a tad miffed (again) about the Constitutionally-protected use of my First AMendment Rights when I identified certain Nashua LE as "rednecks" in yesterday's journal entry. Well that, ahem, pales in comparison to those rednecks driving me out of the entire Crowne Plaza, score a victory for KingCast on that one, read the emails below the fold.

AS to the Settlement Offer for Senator Ayotte to attend next month's NENPA winter conference with other panelists and Yours Truly:

Christopher King

 to BcullenJackjennifer.parentgmacdonald, bcc: Jeanne, bcc: Jane, bcc: Mike, bcc: michael, bcc: ralph, bcc: Dave, bcc: pmeighan, bcc: gmorris, bcc: awolfe, bcc: Jonathan, bcc: Arthur
show details 12:21 PM (8 minutes ago)

I made your clients a legitimate settlement demand that didn't even involve any money. And I can 99.9% guarantee you that NENPA would schedule such a discussion sua sponte even if Kelly can't make the event for the 12th, in Black History Month.

You of course have an ethical duty to bring that to your clients and to issue me a response in writing.

Has Kelly accepted or declined this Demand?

Please advise by COB tomorrow, 27 January 2011 so that I can notify the Court at a time appropriate and the Entire Free World right now.

Christopher King, J.D.
http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People

25 January 2011

U.S. AG Ramsey Clark, former AAG KingCast.net and 700+ support letters show the targeted, racist prosecution and sentencing of Chuck Turner in vivid detail.

First you need to read Wendy Kaminer's  the Atlantic feature

Public Enemies: Councilman Sentenced for Offending Federal Prosecutors.

Note: I cannot post an accurate cost estimate for the 700 support letters but Pacer is at $.08 per page. Deal is, there aren't even close to 700 entries so I will telephone the Court tomorrow to find out when they will all be uploaded and if we can simply purchase a CD instead of me trying to tie all of them together. These documents belong to us now, and after we pay for them we will share them at will, particularly Attorney Clark's letter in support of Chuck Turner.

Many of the two-hundred or so people who came to the Federal Courthouse found it interesting that the first word out of the Prosecutor's mouth today was "This is not about racism or politics, etc. etc." issued in total denial of the Truth. If it's not about any of that, why bother to even mention it? If it's not about that then why ignore my cogent questions about Caucasian Middlesex Courthouse thief John Buonomo? Look: Boston and New England is empirically racist, and it will always be that way. I'm just here to document it until I grow tired of it and get the hell out of here.

Wait until you see the KingCast short film late night, for now just watch the expulsion video. Today as usual there were so many complacent major media on hand but nary a one of them asking any real substantive questions about disparate treatment. Having worked at a large daily and having edited a large statewide weekly I just have no time for this sort of suck up "journalism."

I will say this right now and directly to Judge Woodlock and everyone else involved, particularly the prosecutors who ignored my questions: If you seriously think that Chuck Turner deserves more jail or prison time than John Buonomo who orchestrated hundreds of thousands of dollars of theft from actual taxpayers you need your individual and collective heads examined. More.

Ditto John Forbes, who got PROBATION.

As I told you some time ago at TOUCH FM 106.1 journal, this is Mayor Menino's former aid who dealt Oxycontin, Cocaine and marijuana out of City Hall. Did his contributions to the community in any way measure up to those of Chuck Turner? Did he have 700 letters in support? Did a former U.S. AG write a letter in his favor? 

Basically the Court made every possible negative inference it could, and the prosecutors minimized Counselor Turner's contributions to the community.

Anyway it takes a while to put this together as an independent, especially when I'm dealing with a bunch of Republican Tea Party gun-toting jackbooted redneck Kelly Ayotte Gestapo cops myself, watch this video to see why I turned the tables on them and sued them in Federal Court. 

You see, as a former government attorney I know how these people operate. They will lie at every opportunity to slam a militant minority at every opportunity, but our Freshman Senator from NH lost her attempts to imprison me when I was NAACP Legal Chair, more on that at a later date and time. Right now it's all about Chuck and Prosecutor Sullivan and company.

KingCast presents: Rednecks.

Spot the difference?  
I can't.

Below, well that's Bull Connor, he was running his niggers out back in the day as noted by Randy Newman and Uncle Ruckus.

Above, that's a mainstream press soft-baller, an unknown Nashua PD Officer in the middle, Nashua Pee Dee's Officer Jim Hargreaves on the, ahem.... Right.
Bonus: Rednecks one.

"We're rednecks, rednecks And we don't know our ass from a hole in the ground, we're rednecks, we're rednecks... And we're keeping the niggers down."

KingCast: How do you keep your niggers down?

24 January 2011

Kelly Ayotte supporters Gilder Gagnon & Howe and Liko Kenney's father Davey Kenney visit KingCast to learn about her sleazeball politics!

Note: Many thanks to my pals at Wikipedia (scroll down to my Jimmy Wales video) for telling me that Rich Gilder is married to a daughter of an oil tycoon. Yah, anyway he showed up to read this journal entry about how Liko Kenney schooled Bruce McKay on his Fourth Amendment Rights during an Unconstitutional seizure in 2003. Now I am going to email them this one about the how shall we say, selective reading habits of GOP Counsel Gordon MacDonald.

Perhaps they can conference in with Kelly Ayotte Niggermania supporters!
Now of course Liko Kenney's father Davey Kenney has known for quite some time how dirty our new Tea Party toady Senator Kelly Ayotte really is, but he showed up from Hawaii to give a holler, he left a comment on this journal entry, replete with documents that have strangely disappeared from the Internet..... 
Dave said...

Hawaii is listening, We can smell Kelley Ayotte from heah :( ayuh. Keep up the good work Chris. Peace and love, Davey Kenney

Anyway Davey and I are chilling with retired Franconia/Sugar Hill LE Bradford Whipple and retired Sugar Hill Police Chief Gary Young in the featured video, above.
For a partial list of out of region supporters for the open government hating, free speech despising Freshman Senator from New Hampshire Google Gilder Gagnon & Howe + Kelly Ayotte and then hit this linky. Interesting, huh? Keep reading below the fold to see what kind of money I'm up against one black former AAG, two cameras, two Macs, and healthy zeal for protecting the First Amendment in an era of Tea Party cultural hegemony.

ALEXANDRA V PREALE, (Zip code: 10065) $250 to FRIENDS OF KELLY AYOTTE on 07/27/10

The KingCast GTH Integrity letter to Kelly Ayotte, GOP & Nashua PD Attorneys in KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte et al., NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.

The Defendants are pissy because I used some passionate rhetoric they consider to be "unprofessional." What I said was that the Defendants' failure to substantively respond to my cited case law until they wrote their reply Memoranda "arguably smacks of lazy lawyering or outright gamesmanship and should earn no quarter before this Honorable Court."

I am pissy because GOP Counsel Gordon MacDonald willfully misrepresented the material elements of my Amended Complaint (not to mention my Memorandum in Opposition to their Motion to Dismiss), prompting me to prepare to file this Rule 11 Rule 3.3. Motion for Sanctions. And all Defense Counsel have on prior occasion omitted key elements of my pleadings, which prompted me to draft a Rule 11 Motion that I withdrew in the interest of keeping the peace, blah blah blah. No more peace. Just Justice and open disclosure.

Christopher King

 to JenniferBrianGordonJack, bcc: Arthur, bcc: Mike, bcc: michael, bcc: ralph, bcc: Dave
show details 12:35 PM (1 hour ago)
And another thing:

While you all may not appreciate my passionate litigation, I don't appreciate being threatened with arrest, even above and beyond the alleged call of duty to remove me from a rally.

You all have run your intel on me so you know I don't come from a place of criminality. I got educated in elite prep schools and at Case Western Law so I could AVOID becoming a criminal, only to see your buddy Kelly Ayotte and her fascist pig loser friends like Marty Dunn and Messrs. Hargreaves and Fisher try to make me a criminal.

And as a former Law Enforcement Attorney to see you guys leaving out major substantive portions of my pleadings in your responsive Memoranda to cover it up doesn't sit too well with me either.

Query, have any of you ever been threatened with arrest?

It's not any kind of fun, no it isn't.

And I'm not going to tolerate that in my life, ever, and that is why we will be briefing this case to SCOTUS.

I believe I have made myself clear.
Christopher King, J.D.
http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People

23 January 2011

KingCast and ComCast present: Live coverage of the 2011AFC Championship game.

ComCast sucks..... KingCast rocks.... LOL ou got Wilbon on the Big Money broadband and KingCast on the shoestring tackle..... That there B***** family rocks! Well right about now the Jets are getting rocked... but a safety and a nice wide out to Edwards has changed the complexion of things..... but ultimately, not too much -- kind of like the rearranging of the starboard chairs on the Titanic. Anyway the BMW 700 has nothing to do with any of this, but it sure is one helluva cool car, and the lady is just perfect for the mise en scene.
I swear, vintage BMWs are the best. Not as stuffy as Mercedes "agile where Mercedes is stolid" (wrote Car & Driver 35 years ago when the E12 premiered in the U.S.) and more practical than the Porsche, better materials than the Volkswagen. 

KingCast to file Rule 11 Sanctions against NH GOP, Nashua GOP and Nixon, Peabody's Gordon MacDonald in KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD, NH District 2010-CV-501.

What's the matter Gordon, not reading too well these days? I need bifocals these days myself, but I'm here to help, don't turn your head and walk away, let's see if we can work this out together over the Internet before Justice Elena Kagan has to read up, shall we?
KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte et al. Motion for Rule 11, Rule 3.3 Sanctions.


            Now comes Plaintiff to note that he has seen Defendant continue on a course of conduct commenced some time ago that precipitated Plaintiff’s first filing of a Rule 11 Motion. An Order of Sanctions is fully appropriate:
I.            Defendant and  Counsel’s Calculated Lies and Material Misstatements.
            Defendants wrote in their Reply Memorandum in Support of Dismissal:
When reduced to its essence, the plaintiff’s discussion on this point, see Am. Opp. Mem., pp. 17-19, points to just a single “fact” that actually appears in the Amended Complaint: at the VFW event, a police officer allegedly said, “The Campaign said you are not welcome here.” Am. Opp. Mem., at p. 18; see also Amended Complaint ¶ 27. It is on this single (and entirely lawful) statement that the plaintiff attempts to construct a conspiracy.

            Sadly, Counsel for GOP Defendants has once again cut out substantive portions of Plaintiff’s Arguments because that is not the single “fact.”[1]
            First of all it is not “alleged” what the officer said, he said it on video for the entire Free World to see. Unless Defendants are now arguing that Plaintiff is a ventriloquist or a master film editor, the Court must recognize that’s what the man said.
            Second, in the very same section of his Memorandum Plaintiff stated a similar comment from yet another white Nashua Police Officer at yet a different event:

b) Lieutenant John Fisher -- a named Defendant in Gorsuch v. Fisher et al, 2010-CV-495, stated "I was told by the Campaign told me you are not welcome here," at 9:45 of the Offer of Proof video….
Note that these statements were also noted in KingCast video on file with the Court and provided with Plaintiff's Complaint and First Amended Complaint and viewed during the TRO Hearing of 2 November, 2010. Therefore Defendants actions in this matter reflect desperation and are indeed Sanctionable.
            Third, Plaintiff made a thorough allegation that all Defendants worked together. Let us review Plaintiff’s response in his Memorandum in Opposition to see what Counsel for Defendant intentionally ignored, in violation of Rule 11 and or Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal:

[1] Plaintiff noted this sort of “gerrymandering” on Capitol Access TV, “Reel News with Christopher King,” http://nhcaptv.com/episode/142 segment 142. Plaintiff withdrew a Motion for Sanctions issued on prior occasion to give the Defendants the benefit of the doubt when they engaged in similar conduct on prior occasion. This time he will not be so charitable and this Honorable Court must not give quarter to this continued pattern of lies, deception and gamesmanship. The Court may not grant imprimatur to another big name law firm thinking that it can lie at will, and do and say as it pleases. It smacks of Big Money Right Wing hegemony.