30 December 2010

KingCast wonders why WMUR and WBZ took down the footage of Greg Floyd reacting angrily after his 15 April, 2008 conviction of criminal gun threats?

Top photo KingCast.net, streetside photos of Floyd family and KingCast with Casey Sherman are courtesy M deRham, screen caps I forget where I made them because the underlying video was removed; bottom pic Littleton Courier.

WBZ video: Down.
WMUR video: Down.
KingCast prior coverage: Up.

But removal is not an automatic thing, they continue to host many videos from the same time period, interesting.

Well anyway I might have captured it myself and you can see him lunge at me with a deadly weapon, I will check my files.

What was funny is that that WMUR cut out the part with me in it and yet called it raw footage, and people have the nerve to try to question my journalistic integrity, pshaw.

Meanwhile here's a ripped version on LiveLeak in which Senator Kelly Ayotte's "hero" Greg Floyd admits that he murdered Liko Kenney when I tell him "You murdered Liko Kenney dude."

Ever heard of a Statement against Penal Interest?

That's why they threatened to arrest me when that exchange occurred, and that's why Kelly Ayotte's "hero" he can't get representation in Liko Kenney v. Greg Floyd et al., 2010-CV-181; wait until NH Department of Safety Attorney Marta Modigliani sends me those fingerprint analyses from 5/11 that Kelly Ayotte's office said they didn't have. Here's the Case Update and RSA 91-A Request.

This is important see, 'cos Trooper Cooper expressly told Greg Floyd that there would be fingerprinting and such, and that it was going to be extremely important to find out how the guns got to be in the state they are in, i.e. how did Liko Kenney's second clip get inserted into his gun, and how did Greg Floyd go home with Liko Kenney's live round in his shirt pocket..... Likely Answer: Floyd put the second clip in the gun to make it appear that Liko was still armed and dangerous and threatening him.

The State has managed to get Trooper Cooper's comments yanked from most of my old posts -- look at this one for example, it resembles Swiss Cheese now -- but I've still got the file, and Liko's lawyers can simply request the so-called "investigative" CD from Senator Kelly Ayotte's erstwhile cover-up colleagues, who BTW are still stalling on my RSA 91-A Ralph Holder document request.

Lastly, at right are some comments from the Union Leader. I can assure you that none of them are mine because they don't let me post there.

Common sense and simple physics
 prove Senator Kelly Ayotte lied about the Franconia shooting tragedy because Greg Floyd started shooting at least 30' away from Liko Kenney and without speaking to him.


Christopher King said...

Now keep in mind that Casey Sherman makes some crucial observations regarding Floyd, chiefly that the investigation was a sham but also that Floyd was on so many drugs he could be delusional.

One thing about that however is that Floyd was sharp enough to tell Caleb he would get away with shooting him because he was on so many drugs.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Grasping at straws, I'll betcha if you paid to get the archived clip you could. As you should know media does take down stories and clips and puts them in archive.

Christopher King said...


Oh I'm sure they prolly do have it archived, although they play games with that stuff, CNN was about to forward me the footage of me on it discussing a stupid case the State of Ohio brought against one of my clients (Google Mike Royko + KingCast) or Mike Royko + Tattoo --- then all of a sudden there was, as Genesis once sang "No Reply at All."

The point however is that the general public can no longer view this event, in all of its radiant splendor.

But for shits and grins I will call both stations and see if they have it available for sale.


Christopher King said...

07 November 2007
KingCast presents: Gregory W. Floyd, the Teflon Don of North Country.

How this creep gets away with these things KingCast and the town of Franconia will never understand, and NH AG Kelly Ayotte doesn't care.

In fact, she has no documents that indicate she ever considered reporting Floyd to ATF for violating 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) despite the fact that he openly stated during the Franconia 5/11 "investigation" that there was still at least one firearm at the house, and given his proven penchant for lying as noted in this post where I bust on Homicide Chief Jeffery Strelzin for coverup up for Floyd, she had every right and responsibility in the World to investigate that.

But she didn't because she is an irresponsible and bigoted public servant.

In this post I specifically outlined the reasons she should refer this matter to the Federal authorities on 24 October 2007.

"TFC Robert Bruno's report of the July 24, 1997 New Hampshire State Police executed Arrest Warrant and Search Warrant of the residence of Gregory Floyd (pp. 250-254) emphasizes that by being a convicted felon in the State of Georgia, Floyd wasn't allowed to possess firearms. Further, Bruno "...attempted to explain to Michelle (Floyd) that her husband was not allowed to possess guns in New Hampshire or Massachusetts as a convicted Felon."

Firearms were seized from the Floyd residence ...a shotgun located on top of kitchen cupboard. A revolver was located in this same cupboard. "The revolver was in fact loaded" A San Marco Black Power was located on the bed in the master bedroom. A Glock 9mm was located on the top of a bureau in the master bedroom, and according to TFC Beausoleil, had a full magazine in it but no round in the chamber.

The Rugar Mini 14 was on the box spring mattress in the master bedroom, and a rifle was located in the closet of the master bedroom."

All of that is ILLEGAL.