25 December 2010

KingCast says on the Canon SX30 IS..... "Here comes the newbie!"

It's the best at what it does, hands down, lens out. Compared to the SX20 IS (that I will probably sell) the pros include 840 v. 560mm zoom, quieter zoom during HD filming, frame assist on the end of the zoom range, a 24mm wide angle vs. 28mm, low-light enhancement, new Rebel styling (which I can take or leave) and a couple of other things I forgot about. The function dial spins on new bearings and is silky-smooth now, while super zoom is essential for me to catch the pols looking like jerks when they least expect it. The S2 IS will stick around because it takes great pictures and almost fits in your pocket. More on the SX30 with wink timer!

Cons: Lithium Ion batteries replace my rechargeable AAs, the Panasonic FZ40 has better HD video and the body is plasticky :(
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