27 December 2010

KingCast says Chuck Turner should get probation, given white men Nicholas Mavroules and John Buonomo's schemes of crime and their sentencing.

Mavroules was voted out of office in 1992, the year he was indicted on seventeen counts of corruption amid a federal investigation into alleged misuse of his office for private gain. Allegations included extortion, accepting illegal gifts and failing to report them on congressional disclosure and income tax forms. Mavroules pleaded guilty to fifteen counts in April 1993 and was sentenced to a fifteen-month prison term.
Former Middlesex County Register of Probate John Buonomo was sentenced to 2 1/2 years for running two separate schemes in which he stole thousands of dollars of taxpayer money and more than $100,000 of campaign contributions... 18 Counts of breaking and entering, 8 counts of public theft and 10 counts of larceny.

The Chuck Turner story, remember:
Chuck Turner had no prior Bad Acts alleged, and the government paid a guy hooked up with a major cocaine dealer $30,000.00 to get him to slip Mr. Turner $1,000.00. Then the witness himself claimed that racism was in play. And John Buonomo does not have a decorated history of helping his community at all, but Chuck Turner is the 2007 winner of the Community Church of Boston Sacco and Vanzetti Social Justice Award 


Anonymous said...

only you would say something so stupid, you racist piece of dog shit. Are you kidding me you low life parasite. And if good ol chuck was white? Thats what I thought. Keep up the good work loser your giving a lot of people some really good laughs. ha ha

Christopher King said...

8:04/anonymous coward:

Show me a white man who gave as much to his community and then was targeted as Chuck was then we can talk about it.

ha ha dickweed.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Sal Dimasi
Tom Finneran, Enough for you?

Christopher King said...


Nigga please.... those cats weren't targeted, and they have nowhere near the sort of history that Chuck had.

Shit man if you were a white person getting shit on by the Man or facing unreasonable foreclosure Chuck would go with you to hearings.

The government didn't pay people $30K to go after these people or Nick Mavroules or Joh Buonomo so you can shit can whatever you're babbling about.

Lastly, I rag on plenty of black folks on this blog so don't go trying to pull the race card, it's bullshit.

Shut up and watch a movie, there's white cops and black cops in it and I make fun of both of them equally hahahaa.....


Anonymous said...

And the man being Deval patrick right?

Anonymous said...

And I take offense to being called a "nigger". Probably due to the fact that im an educated black man with self respect. Unlike yourself

Christopher King said...

Then stop acting like one nigga let me explain something to you because your color and race don't matter, you sound as if you write for the racist, defamatory Boston Herald.

I have criticized more black folks than Deval Patrick.

I have also praised Deval Patrick and volunteered for him.

I even made a better campaign video for him than anyone else and that's a bet.

See Educated Free niggas know we have the freedom to engage in vigorous principled dialectic discourse.

Speaking of which why don't you identify yourself and schedule a public debate with me on the subject of unbiased reporting.

-Aaron MGgruder

Christopher King said...

Enjoy the video homeslice.


And what have you done for Joanna Marinova, Gloria Fox or Darrell Jones lately?

KingCast said...

I didn't know you had too many darkies down there in Quincy. Are your firefighters still blowing rails?

Later bruh.

-Uncle Ruckus.