26 December 2010

Liko Kenney v. Greg Floyd et al. lawsuit updates + KingCast RSA 91-A Request for Franconia shooting tragedy Greg Floyd and all other fingerprint analyses.

Those of you coming in from liveleak watch the linked movie and read the lawsuit affidavits from area Law Enforcement, a private investigator and me. Bruce McKay terrorized those he did not like, and his wife got a TRO on him and moved to a safe house around the time she gave birth to their only child. I am a former Law Enforcement attorney and this case stinks, that is why two lawyers are now suing the town and a former town selectmen admitted that Bruce McKay was out of control and not being policed properly himself.

Top and other photos KingCast.net except as noted, next two photos courtesy M deRham (KingCast & Casey Sherman and Papa Floyd in his once-haughty mode) about to flick a cigarillo toward me before he lunged at me with a deadly weapon later. He also told a high school Admin "I know where you live and the route you take home, and if you're not careful they are going to take you home in a body bag." Kelly Ayotte and other NH LE knew this. Here's a 411 Motherlode.

Remember this post? Well I haven't had the time to track this case, but I now have Greg Floyd's Pro Se Motions for Extensions of Time in which to issue a basic Answer to Liko Kenney's lawsuit. Magistrate McCafferty had told him he was subject to Default if he did not answer by late November, but he still doesn't know how to do this and can't get a lawyer to help him. That's because he's a scumbag liar, and a multiple felon, all things that Senator Kelly Ayotte knew about and hid, as I have shown in this journal like no one else. This is from his Motion for Extension to 30 Jan, 2011 to Answer a Complaint he received in hand back on 9 August, 2010.

And Kelly Ayotte and the GOP hate my Fourth Estate guts for what I do, there is a fascist pig jackass named Ryan Williams, NH GOP Communications Chair who threw me out of the Nashua Joe Arpaio love-fest (full video with Nashua GOP Chair Karen Thoman smacking my camera with an air of white skin privilege)+(two minute short version) with a disdainful haughty air and the insouciant comment "You are not a journalist." Well journalize THIS, pal, GOTCHA. Plus I'm a shade too dark to be doing what I do out here, remember John McCain loves to throw him some negroes out of those lilly-white publicly-advertised events, does the name Stephen Price ring a bell?

Anyway, back to Greg Floyd, lawyers won't go near him because they know about his fingerprint problem and the windshield bullet, check the photos and Greg Floyd's own statements in Kelly Ayottes "investigative" files.

And lawyers know about Floyd's fingerprint problem.

Wherefore: Dear Attorney Modigliani or other Keeper of Records: Pursuant to RSA 91-A please immediately provide a copy of any and all fingerprint analyses conducted relative to the Franconia shooting tragedy of 11 May, 2007.
Respectfully submitted, Christopher King, J.D.
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