16 December 2010

KingCast presents: A crazy day -- Wilbon leaves Wash Post, Scott Hyman finally gets a hearing in record $1.7M Anti-Semitic case, KingCast raps with Capital Access TV on Kelly Ayotte Free Press racial lawsuit, mortgage fraud..

Update: I stayed up and made the first of 2 or 3 movies, starting with a 15 minute rip on Kelly Ayotte and her vicious malfeasance. Scott Hyman's movie is coming tonight or Saturday morning. CCTV will air and post on the weekend and against next weekend with part two. Meanwhile I'll say this: 
Cousin Mike is a diligent journalist. I am a diligent journalist.
We're both going to keep on doing what we're doing.

On the show (a double feature airing this weekend and next) we talked about Mortgage Movies Journal. It was Good. Damn Good.

PS: Scott Hyman v. Hemlock Association defense attorney Richard Serkey put his regal foot in his mouth and gave KingCast left-handed praise when he reportedly cried "Mr. Hyman used the media to his advantage," in fighting the verdict in today's JNOV/New Trial hearing. He didn't like my blanket coverage, especially this movie, in which I note that FOX 25 jumped ship and even claimed they didn't have their first broadcast from when someone torched his house. I had a copy and used it in the movie. Also, the problem is, I'll show you my phone records, I telephoned Attorney Serkey but he had no comment, so to hell with that notion. Pshaw, I even put a good picture of him in one of the movies, I'll find it tomorrow.

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