17 December 2010

KingCast I'm confused... who has the most beautiful tennis game in history? That's easy. Hana Mandlikova.

Don't forget one of the best women's matches in history, the '85 Virginia Slims final, only Martina at her peak could have defeated Hana that day. We all know I love Mac's game (Boston, 2010) the most of any modern era player but of course it can't compare to the grace of Hana's game. Mac's beauty was the imagination, hand-eye and grit he brought to the game. And he was one fast mo-fo to boot. Oh sure you could say Roger has the prettiest game, but Hana had that same game what, 20+ years prior. Look at the racquet head up on the backswing. And as Ginger Rogers noted, she has a couple of other nice attributes :)
Related: The Feel of Wood, Atlantic, 1995. I don't totally agree with the writer, I love the era of the first and second-gen graphite overall, but for that feel on sweet spot I'll never forget the Old Days!
PS: The Wilson Jack Kramer cost $37.95 IIRC. It took lots of snow-shoveling to get two of those.

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