27 December 2010

KingCast gets another visit from the Manchester, NH wikipedia COINTELPRO officer.

What's so interesting about this post, I wonder?

And why did Daily Kos kick me off of the board after I wrote this?


Christopher King said...

These fokkers think they're slick, I will find out who this fokker really is and why s/he and the other wiki fokkers keep on editing out any and all references to KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte free press racial lawsuit, not just from me but from ANYONE and EVERYONE.

NH District 2010-CV-181.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Daily Kos threw me off of the board because my diary was largely about Kelly Ayotte and Martin Dunn's bogus and oppressive "cases" against me when I was NAACP Legal Chair of Southern NH.

But there is no prohibition against narrow-focused diaries, indeed that is antithetical to the purpose of Daily Kos, which is purportedly to promote in-depth examination of current economic and socio-political issues.

I smell a rat, and it's not coming from my corner.

People better wake up, the Internet is not truly free and open for vigorous political discourse, and it tolerates people like me only to the extent that it has to.

And I am here to note that and keep on pressing against these hypocritical scumbags.

-The KingCaster.