17 December 2010

KingCast, CRP ask: "Hey Kelly Ayotte, did your Grand Cayman buddies give you all that loot you reported in your 7-months late Disclosure Statement?"

Note: It appears that the major increase in wealth was reported on a prior statement, however it is foolish to believe that a former NH AG wouldn't know EXACTLY WTF her reporting requirements are. And if she truly didn't that only underscores my ongoing contention that she was a feckless AG anyway.

Looks like Missy had a great net gain in personal wealth lately, like, ummm, 77%, $246K to  436K, not bad for a girly on a public salary with a hubby who owns a landscaping company. Curious as to how he grew that company while his wife was busy as an AG and running for Senate. How many nannies do they have? They better all have their papers, too, given Kelly and Joe Arpaio's little love-fest.

Read the story. Her Defense? She didn't know she had to file the form. Excuse me, she is, or was, the flippin' New Hampshire Attorney General. Who could possibly believe this dirtbag? And if she didn't know, that is equally troubling. The only thing dumber than that is County Attorney Dennis Hogan thinking he could represent both Parties to a Divorce case (bottom paras). What are you folks eating up there or is is something in the water that Kelly let all the corporate Robber Barons pollute? I'm going to contact the Center for Responsive Politics -- who read this journal BTW -- and see what other Senators were so willfully ignorant.

Kelly we're going to get a posse together and take you down a notch. Or several. With any luck you'll be behind the same bars you tried to put me under for being a zealous Civil Rights advocate. You are a liar, a puppet and a Devil incarnate. That's me yesterday on Capitol Access TV, -- http://nhcaptv.com/episode/142 -- noting that I didn't even get a return phone call from your office when someone forged my name to a mortgage and faxed it off for funding, which is called Wire Fraud where I come from. Not that you care, you accept the support you get from Niggermania.
4. KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, GOP & Nashua PD journal entry, with documents and different videos embedded with each filing. NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.
KingCast on Statewide NH Public TV interview, 30 mins (1 of 2). Ripping on Senator Kelly Ayotte -- http://nhcaptv.com/episode/142


Christopher King said...

Just like her lawyer buddies defending my case and Judge McCafferty who all worked at McLane, Graf, a fact not disclosed to me so I filed a Motion for Disclosure.

Ridley Report noted in one of his movies that Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent were both "evasive" when he asked their names.

That started me to snooping.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Time for a supplement to my Disclosure Memorandum, Yessir.

Christopher King said...

I mean, really, not only is she an allegedly capable attorney, doesn't she have other attorney friends who are supposed to advise her on this?

Come on people wake up.

You've just elected another Fraud.

SHE said...

Good thing they got those tax cuts extended for the wealthy. Phew! Close call!

Darrell Jones said...

7-months late Disclosure Statement & Defendant Friends of Kelly Ayotte & GOP response to Plaintiff's Demand for Disclosure.

Christopher King

to jennifer.parent, jack.middleton, gmacdonald, Brian, amckeon, awolfe, Jonathan, gcweb, debora.pignate., rwieczorek, bhollingworth, b.hollingworth, jshea, rburton, ray.burton, pmeighan, info, press, webmaster, bcc: Arthur, bcc: Mike, bcc: ralph, bcc: stephen.decosta, bcc: davecoltin, bcc: michael, bcc: gmcneil

show details 8:58 AM (0 minutes ago)

from Christopher King
to jennifer.parent@mclane.com,
cc Brian Cullen ,
Jonathan Van Fleet ,

(blind copies as well)

Dear Attorneys Middleton and Parent:

As you all prepare to tell me what I'm entitled to know, don't forget that I'll be asserting that you all counseled Miss Kelly on her duties as a U.S. Senator-Elect as well, setting up a continuing and pervasive pattern of lies and deception that is reflected in the fact that David Ridley found both of you to be "evasive" regarding your identities because you didn't want him or me to figure out that Jack was both Kelly Ayotte and Judge McCafferty's boss, or that Jennifer worked alongside Kelly and potentially Judge McCafferty, or that Jack may have written letters or otherwise assisted Judge McCafferty in her ascension to the Bench.

Counselors: I told you a long time ago that everything that happens in this case is going to happen right out in the open, a place that your client is not used to visiting.

When I am finished with her she will be very familiar with it, I promise you that. I tried to warn her before, when she came after me for UPL and Attempted Felony Extortion for conduct that occurred in a racial and First Amendment context -- when I was Southern NH NAACP Legal Chair -- that she was messing with the wrong dude but she didn't listen and she got embarrassed. Apparently, some folks are just hard-headed:


It must be tough representing Kelly, but at least you've got guaranteed income. See you at SCOTUS.

17 December 2010

KingCast, CRP ask: "Hey Kelly Ayotte, did your Grand Cayman buddies give you all that loot you reported in your 7-months late Disclosure Statement?"