25 December 2010

KingCast Christmas Present for Justice: Withdrawal of Plaintiff's Rule 11 Motion for Sanctions lets the Kelly Ayotte Free Press racial lawsuit head toward SCOTUS without any undue friction.

I've got enough to beat these guys without this hassle, as noted in the pleadings linked in para. 5 of the MBF Leasing Kelly Ayotte AG Dereliction of Duty post.

Now they can't distract the Court arguing about whether my Motion was frivolous, and we stay focused on the fact that they can't show a single case like this where a Defendant can keep a reporter out of a publicly-advertised event, held on commercial property subject to substantial State and Local licensing and permitting.

Nor can they get me spanked for asking about the appearance of partiality and potentially substantial contacts between Judge Landya B. McCafferty and McLane, Graf, as noted on Capitol Access TV in the first of two interviews, last paragraph.

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