18 December 2010

KingCast and Capitol Access TV discuss mortgage fraud and the record $1.7M anti-Semitic Jury Verdict in Scott Hyman v. Hemlock Society, Lakeville Massachusetts.

There is more discussion about the Mortgage issues when the show actually airs. Here is your background journal entry on the Scott Hyman case. I have a nose for fascinating cases, and have been following this one for about two years now. Update, wow, it just happened to a U.S. Senator in NC.

At this stage Defense Counsel Richard Serkey is busy crying sour grapes and making bad arguments to the Trial Court.


Christopher King said...

Dear Senator Hagan:

I sent you that post so that you know this sort of thing is hardly the exclusive province of the South, there are restrictive covenants right here in the liberal land of Massachusetts, I implored our Governor to formally and to officially declare them null and void, as a symbolic gesture it would speak volumes.

My folks were raised in TN and we were taught to love everybody and to treat them fairly unless or until they hurt you. My Caucasian brother-in-law was born in Wales and he concurs.

But here in Mass I've got Defense Counsel up in the Court trash-talking me for reporting the Truth, even though I gave him opportunity to speak.

Try to get some help and a Federal investigation for Mr. Hyman. It is insulting enough to have it happen at your office, imagine how he feels when it happened at his private home.

Christopher King, J.D.
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Christopher King said...

Some narrow-mined person wrote to my FB

"The Jews... always the victims"

I wrote:

Not always....

I mean look some Jews have stereotyped blacks in Hollywood, does that give me any excuse to mistreat any particular Jewish person?

Some whites threw rocks at me in grade school and such, so should I now hate my white brother in law or other white people just because they are white?

Some blacks have done hateful things to me, should I hate all blacks?