23 November 2010

Wikipedia is censoring negative but true facts about U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and her coverups as NH AG; U.S. State Department is watching.

This is a KingCast65 video in the making, and it all started with this 12 Nov. 2001 Journal Entry, noting that Wikipedia is censoring proved facts about U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and her administration of "Justice" as former NH AG. Well as one can see, Wiki responded to my concerns with somewhat static criteria, and I wrote back about five (5) days ago for clarification including, inter alia:

Is the Littleton Courier mainstream enough press for them to publish? That paper agreed with me that Bruce McKay violated Franconia OC Spray and Pursuit Policies as he hounded Liko Kenney over a stupid inspection sticker in a small town where the express policy said "Do not overtake" and "Do not ram a car" and "Let him go and send him a ticket."

Is the Concord Monitor mainstream enough? I interviewed Ms. B. (herself a Criminal Justice Major and Professor) and she told me everything and more than what appeared in the Monitor story about that knife that Bruce McKay stuck toward her privates for no lawful reason.

What about noted Crime Writer Casey Sherman's written and oral statements before KingCast cameras and in his best-selling book and soon-to-be Hollywood production "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." What if all of this information was collected by private investigators and a well-respected attorney named Mark Sisti, who never had a written contract of any kind with the Kenney family, isn't that good enough? Take a look, listen and read.

This is getting ridiculous, because ultimately if Wikipedia's position is that only mainstream lapdog media statements are allowable, then what the hell do we need them for? I could just go to the Union Leader/WMUR and run a name search for Kelly Ayotte, or I could ask WMUR's Adam Harding for his unbiased opinion, right.

They both absolutely hate me, see the hateful and race-baiting editorial that UL pulled after I smashed Kelly Ayotte's attempted prosecutions of me as NAACP Legal Chair and dig the hateful countenance on Harding's mug as I asked Kelly Ayotte to renounce online support from Niggermania, a website that said she was correct to "throw my nigger ass out."

What I said to 10th Circuit Appellate Judge Holloway, using relevant law, is that she was not correct to "throw my nigger ass out," and what I have to say to all of you is the same thing you are saying about me, and it will not be printed in this space.

Meanwhile on a related note, NECN ran a story this morning about Kelly Ayotte's Momma Grizzly buddy Sarah Palin, quoting only sources who say that she is Just Great, never a mention of the fact that she has demonstrated complete idiocy on basic tenets of American Law. Not one dissenter was interviewed. If I wanted a lapdog I would buy one. Just as Kelly Ayotte and the GOP have done.

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