16 November 2010

Niggermania supports Tea Party U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte; Veterans support KingCast, Free Press.


Tom Shelly said...

Don't try to ride the coattails of niggermania for your own benefit. You need to make a name for yourself. Don't steal it from a successful blog like niggermania. You think being another "King" is enough to be famous? No wonder you got thrown out of law school and moved to New Hampshire. They probably don't want you there either. pffffft.

Christopher King said...

Oh you dumb ass nobody threw me out of law school, I graduated from a U.S. top 50 law school and was a State Assistant Attorney General before successfully suing the state and representing police officers after I left the AG's office.

As to whether or not niggermania is a successful blog if you like it, then it is successful, I've been too busy being a guest speaker at the New England News and Press Association 2011 Annual Conference.


Later dude.

Christopher King said...

Hey bro thanks for the inspiration, you've made the front page.


Thanks to Good White Folk like you KingCast is sure to be a success.

Now run along now there are rules about fraternizing with the colored help.

Christopher King said...

From Kelly Ayotte is Horrible Journal to the Niggermania monkey:

shajdel said...
Success of “N***ermania”???? Are you kidding? Well, I guess if there is an audience, then there is some form of success. But if someone is brain dead living off of a machine in an ICU, is there still life, or is it a false sense of life that is promoted through the machinery? That is what “N***ermania.com” is, it is a false statement of intelligence under the self-proclamation of what, I am not sure…..

I looked at the website today, after hearing so much about it through kingcast. I have to admit, the contents in my stomach reversed through my esophagus and I had to force them back down. I, myself, tend to be a bit of a “shock-jock”, but this went beyond shock, it is a truly appalling website – you have your right to freedom of speech, but you also have a right to an education, and I suggest that you go and get re-educated, whether it be a university or the streets, (cause where I’m from, the streets will definitely teach you a thing or two about the other side of ignorance being bliss) and that kind of blatant disregard for your fellow man is NOT acceptable…. Good luck with your life in ignorance “N***ermania.com” bloggers (Shelly I think) – I am extremely thankful that I do not have the honor of knowing you personally!

March 7, 2011 11:58 AM