27 November 2010

Nashua Telegraph explains why Republican City Committee Chair Dennis Hogan told the GOP "KingCast is a troublemaker."

It's because I, as a Man of Vision, had enough bullshit from Nashua Public Officials at the School Board who were involved in Unconstitutional First Amendment Restrictions, so I drafted a lawsuit and made them have an emergency session in order to see things my way.

My Free Press and racial litigation against Dennis Hogan's gal pal Kelly Ayotte is going to travel the same arc, only slower. But hey, I'm in no hurry, they're the ones burning up all the money, some of it taxpayer money for the Nashua PD defense. Anyway, listen to Dennis at :55, nice. Also with Di Lothrop and Dennis Hogan letting me in to the rally, it totally eviscerates their specious arguments that I was out of line in temperament. These people will try ANYTHING to avoid doing the RIGHT THING.


Christopher King said...

Ryan Williams can take that haughty hand he's putting up in my face and stick it where the sun don't shine.

And get ready for me to take his Goddamn Deposition.

I'm not playin' with this young boy, I'm going to school him real good.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Neofascist Hitler Youth tool.