05 November 2010

KingCast slams DA Dan Conley on Jason "Batman" "Get right" Watson as Watson stands accused of slamming women and robbing a cab driver.

Well well well Dan...... now we see why you got so testy with me when I tried to ask you a simple question about the Dan Talbot Murder Trial, in which 20,000+ people watched my courtroom videos.

I have no time to get deep into this, but for you newbies Disco Dan cut all kinds of Deals with the Devil to prosecute Robert Iacoviello, when I believe the facts showed him NG. One idiot he cut deals with was Jason "Batman" Watson, whose ex holds an extended TRO on him, then he allegedly assaulted his current lady a few weeks ago and he smashed her phone, now he's holding up cabbies. And to think, just a few months ago Federal Judge Tauro implied that this guy was "altruistic," as he released him for time served for a weapons charge because of the Devil Deal with Dan. I was sitting there and heard it with my own two ears, unbelievable. But true. These are the Days of Our Lives here on KingCast.net.

PS: Derek Lodie was sentenced on the accessory before the fact in Case No. 07-11311, he drew 8-12 on that piece.

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