16 November 2010

Judge Brassard on Michael Picardi's pending Accessory charges: "It shouldn't take that long to get names and addresses to the Defendant...."

Final Structuring Conference 23 Nov. 2010, trial set 15 Dec. Here's your back story, same cast of characters from the Dan Talbot Revere Police Murder trial. Some of you keen observers will note that two (2) of my videos about said Murder trial have been placed on ice by Yours Truly. I will leave you to figure out why, but it's Not Cool, and that's all I will say. Another perfect Judicial countenance from KingCast. I also like this one from Brockton Superior, Judge Cosgrove on the record $1.7M anti-Semitic Scott Hyman Jury Trial, coverage, docs and KingCast video. Urine, feces, swastikas, the Works. Defendants' Motions for JNOV and for New Trial filed on 23 July, still pending. 

And below him, I can't forget Judge John Arnold, former NH AG, grimacing with the concept that the Defense wanted a gag order on me to keep from airing NH LE dirty laundry. Sorry guys, no gag orders, KingCast is an American Jouralist, doing American things, right out in the open, and that's the way it's going to stay, simple.


Christopher King said...

Judge Brassard has one of the best courtroom demeanors I have ever witnessed, chipper without being silly, and firm without being harsh.

I think this picture really captures his persona quite well. Contemplative and Fair.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

PS: My apologies to His Honor, I now see that while I had all sound turned off on my camera, my AutoFocus beam was on, and it can shine toward the Bench.