17 November 2010

It's not flippin' cool -- Willow Palin and Senator Kelly Ayotte: Do they both hate gays and blacks and Free Press, or is that just Kelly who hates all three?

Tea Party Momma Grizzly Senator Kelly Ayotte hates blacks, gays and free press. 

Read this post from yesterday to see how it's not "flippin' cool," at least according to former Palinista Jennifer Braceras, Esq.

Gotta' run now and git me some floss.... on account of I think I got sumpin' all caught up between my teeth.

PS: Her fokken' grammar is horrible, to boot. The Decline of Western Civilization right before our very eyes.


SHE said...

Can you imagine one of the Kennedy kids saying something like that?

Christopher King said...

I know, right.

Unbelievable, but the grammar piece is almost worse.


SHE said...

Maybe she doesn't realize the entire country is reading, or that her mom wants to be president... um, no, I guess that's unlikely.

So maybe she DOES realize all that, and writes this anyway. Wow.