24 November 2010

The Ben Beauchemin factor: A KingCast reminder on Law Enforcement's ownership of U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Even the Union Leader wrote "Witness: Officer got off easy," just as I noted in this video about alcohol-drinking, female reporter-assaulting tool Fred Hoysradt. Here is the original 23 Jan 2009 journal entry on this alcohol-drinking, car-rolling, leaving-the-scene cop who eventually got fired, and it started like this......

"Remember when I told some of you knuckleheads in this post that NH AG Kelly Ayotte was a shill for bad policing?"

Add it to the Fred Hoysradt file, and remember that Kelly Ayotte admitted to Ralph Holder in this 23 June 2009 letter that her office never prosecutes or takes any administrative action against Law Enforcement. And as we know from my Open Letter to Judge Holloway over in the 10th Circuit, it gets even worse than that: Kelly Ayotte and her merry band of legal pranksters conjure up criminal cases against strident black men who complain of clear cut Civil Rights violations of Palmore v. Sidoti and Brown v. Board of Education, and lies and deception by the NH Bar Counsel that Guardians ad Litem were not subject to ethical review.

Some of this was the handiwork of hastily-retired U.S. Marshal Stephen R. Monier.Get your flu shots early this season, I hear an epidemic of swine flu is raging in New Hampshire.

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