05 October 2010

"Storekeeper blog" is willfully stupid about Kelly Ayotte and the First Amendment.

Some tool who seems awfully concerned about my opinions of Kelly Ayotte used his First Amendment freedoms to open up a blog claiming that I am not a journalist, despite my background as a licensed journalist and current member of NENPA. He writes:
I am a frustrated and annoyed member of the middle class who just wants America the way it used to be only this time without Racism, Entitlements and Liberals.
What a meathead. Stop me if I've heard this bullshit before, a la Michael Douglas' racist "Falling Down" circa 1993. First of all, Kelly Ayotte is a Class A racist, trying to prosecute me for Constitutionally-protected activity as Legal Chair of the NAACP to help a black man who faced 3 drawn guns and visual body cavity search by 3 white cops in Jaffrey, NH for LOITERING..... Anyway, I don't class people like that, and I work quite fine with many Republicans and conservatives, it is an issue-by-issue analysis. Read this letter from a white Republican with whom I partnered up on some nonprofit work a few years back.....
I have eaten with, spoken with, worked with, socialized with and argued politics with him. As a matter of fact, I’ve even let him near my kids! I was, and remain convinced to this day, that he is of quite sound mind. It is this trial that's crazy.....Chris may be guilty of many things: including non-stop questioning of and challenging the establishment, being one of the most dogged people I have ever met in pursuing an ideal...
My family and I have always found him to be an honest, hard working, warm, caring and sincere human being.... Chris’ big mistake was believing that he could make a difference in this whitest of states in our land of equality and "justice for all."
So anyway this clown opens up a blog claiming that I'm not a journalist, so I posted two comments to him, one of which reads as follows:

And as I mentioned to you, I don't need to note each and every aspect of what I do as a professional on my blog. (In addition to what I listed I'm also a founding member of a nonprofit that hasworked in Boston City Schools, and I put up wireless towers -- none of that is in my profile either, stupid). You have about 60 hits on my Kelly Ayotte blog so you already know I've worked for a daily and a weekly and have hosted radio shows discussing, among all things, the fact that my blogs have helped Joanna Marinova get the strongest First Amendment Counsel in Boston to go after bad journalists at the Herald.

Besides, Kelly Ayotte is the one with a vendetta against me and I have prevailed over her each and every time she tried to come after me for Constitutionally-protected activity. But thing is, she already considered me a journalist......

.....as does Casey Sherman, now run along and trash talk Casey for stating the Kelly Ayotte conducted no investigation into the Franconia shooting tragedy and Gregory Floyd's actions. He also notes that retired LE Bradford Whipple and I did the hard investigation of the case, which has resulted in a pending lawsuit with duly-licensed counsel helping the Kenney family seek Justice, whether you like it or not my friend.

Watch the movie dude, listen up.

Later man.
-The KingCaster.


Christopher King said...

And another thing:

Speech regulation is a very specialized area of Law, and those of you who know nothing about it should probably keep your mouth shut. For example, commercial Speech may indeed be regulated much more so than non commercial speech. So on 5/11 2007 -- even AFTER Kelly and Marty's BS attempts to put me down for non commercial speech about the visual body cavity search of Willie Toney -- I complimented Kelly on her efforts to restrict abusive commercial speech that leads toward drug addiction.

I was being the Bigger Person, even after the BS prosecution. But then on that same day, she started covering up for the multiple felon Greg Floyd, who even lied about being in Vietnam, something that should offend the daylights out of a Veteran like you.

Speaking of Veterans, my Uncle Joe was a sharpshooter in 'Nam, and he would be offended at your position that I'm somehow not a journalist.

And you saw in the Mexican Standoff video where the elder Veteran flat out said "As long as you're not standing up and protesting during speeches...."

....Which I duly informed that I have no plans to ever do such a thing because I am a professional.

And I have no doubt if I had a blog dedicated to how great Kelly Ayotte is (ack) she would welcome me with open arms to GOP events, but let me educate you My Friend, that's not how a free society works.


Anyway, read it and learn:

And quite often those chemical wares that come advertised as panacea -- like soma from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World as I note in last week's post on the issue -- come with deleterious side effects including addiction, for which Oxycontin manufacturer Purdue Pharma L.P. will pay $635m in fines for lying about. Nice:

The plea agreement settled a national case and came two days after the Stamford, Conn.-based company agreed to pay $19.5 million to 26 states and the District of Columbia to settle complaints that it encouraged physicians to overprescribe OxyContin.

See back in the 90's I dated someone on the hospital side who knew all the drug reps from like, Novartis, etc. etc. and she broke it down to me how much control and influence these companies can have over some of the physicians with their gifts, promotionals and all matter of quasi-legal activity which was leading her to get out of the industry. As the World and this Country continue to spiral into a drug-addicted morass, don't say I didn't tell you so. Well you can say that, it just wouldn't be true. Just ask Rush Limbaugh.

Christopher King said...

Read more at the bottom link about my friend who hates to admit that I'm a journalist:

I was in Franconia and suing the government long before Casey Sherman and he says in the goddamn movie, "Now I'll turn it over to the two men who worked the case."



Boo yah!

I told you to listen but apparently you didn't.

Nope, just noting more of the things that I do, including journalism, cell towers and non-profits.

Meanwhile, you just make sure your OWN backyard is clean, you got that?


The SD said...

Just goes to show you, that you can't bring your anus to a battle of the wits with the Kingcaster dude... Obviously one needs to know and understand both sides of the argument, which this "Storekeeper blogger" is clearly not interested in. It's almost funny, if ignorance wasn't so contageous! And that comment, about having the way things were before, but without the racial issues, etc... What a tool! Moving backwards will never advance us as a society, and it would be impossible to accomplish such a thing... We need to move forward, and have people speak real thoughts, real actions, and real resolutions... It's okay if Kelly Ayotte is racist - it's her option to be an ignorant beast of a woman (free thought goes hand in hand with free speech), but it is NOT okay for a biggot like her to be in office infecting the political polices that effect our daily lives... The LAST thing I want for our future is people like her influencing and molding the next generations minds... If we don't take steps to insure people in power are deciding things as impartially as possible, we WILL go backwards in time, and then, GOD HELP US ALL!!!

(Please excuse my spelling, It's late, I'm tired, and this shit pisses me off!)