27 October 2010

KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP & Nashua PD Federal Local Rule 65 updates for Attorneys Parent, McDonald and Cullen.

Note: If Obama can't do it to FOX the GOP can't do it to me.

Dear Counselors Parent, MacDonald and Cullen:

As only Attorney Cullen has introduced himself to me at this point so by way of formal and quite public introduction I will note that everything that happens in this case is going to be published right here. This way I can show the American and World Public how a First Amendment Free Press case is handled in America, and that is a valuable journalistic endeavor and an of itself, seeing as America is the World Human Rights Protector. The background of this case is here.

1.  I have obtained all of your email addresses (jennifer.parent@mclane.com, gmacdonald@nixonpeabody.com, bcullen@cullencollimore.com) and have sent you a copy of my Ex Parte Request for TRO, which is a courtesy I did not have to undertake. 2. I am attaching a revised proposed ORDER noting that I should be granted press access subject to the basic rules of Breach of Peace, RSA 644 et seq.

3. I am sharing some pictures and video for your viewing enjoyment, notably today's Offer of Proof video, the picture and video from the Epic $1.7M Scott Hyman anti-Semitic Jury Verdict case, and a pic and video from the Deval Patrick Rally.  That's me in the picture crouching about 6' from Governor Patrick, the closest journalist to him inside the press. By the way, WBZ has a truck that could crush my little 650R or the Bimmer like a fly under a rock, but when they didn't have any courtroom footage they came to me, at the end of the Day.

I will be at court tomorrow morning with the revisions and we will go from there. Be certain to keep Dennis Hogan close by to receive his Notice of Deposition as to whom he told I was "a troublemaker," as he admitted in the Offer of Proof video. In case you missed it, he "told everyone."

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Christopher King said...

Attorney Parent is a Telecom lawyer, we can have a good laugh about the industry, it's tough here in New England I can tell you that much.

Zoning is next to impossible, as Omnipoint discovered in front of His Honor in 2008.

We took up that issue last year when I met with Nashua Planning and we knew to stay the hell away from Coburn Woods I'll say that much :)

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. v. City of Nashua
Not Reported in F.Supp.2d, 2008 WL 345855
February 06, 2008 (Approx. 4 pages)