24 October 2010

KingCast tells Kelly Ayotte Niggermania voters, "I am a porch monkey, hanging out with Kelly Ayotte!"

Well, yes, sometimes I can get too much sun. But mostly when I'm on the front porch eating bananas and editing Kelly Ayotte movies. Can't see the damn screen...

Want a hoot? Read the first email in her most recently release group of emails that are FINALLY being provided to the American Public after her tortured interpretation of Right to Know Law held that the emails were not subject to disclosure. It's from me to Kelly about how she basically gave an abusive cop named Fred Hoysradt a pass after he made a couple of Captain Morgan's-infused passes at reporter Elizabeth Dinan, the Stateys recommended five (5) serious charges but Kelly gave him a simple misdemeanor IIRC; watch the exclusive KingCast video, at bottom. There you'll see how this Momma Grizzly Kelly Ayotte protects women, siding up with the likes of Bruce McKay, who stuck a knife toward Ms. B's privates on a busted DUI case, and whose wife spent time in a safe house and filed for a TRO on him. It's all in the movie, it's all on this blog, and that's why Kelly Ayotte hates me.

Elsewhere in this blog I note that she didn't even make certain that the 2006 Right to Know Committee report issued.
Just chillin' on the porch.... and I got me some basil-infused watermelon cocktails on the back porch too, you simple bastards :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! just wanted to drop in and say hey and that I saw an article about you in Sunday's Telegraph about the lawsuit you filed. :)

OH! And watermelon infused cocktails are so yummy!