06 October 2010

KingCast laughs as idiot tool Kelly Ayotte supporter at LPi Printing found in violation of Hazardous waste violations.

The same ignorant tool atStorekeeper blogwho writes in to challenge me on being a journalist should take some time to clean up his own backyard, ahem:   Hahahaha.... you say I'm not a reporter, well report THIS:

11/22/06: MassDEP entered into a Consent Order with a $4,600 Penalty involving LPI Printing & Graphics, Inc., .for Hazardous Waste Management violations in Stoneham. LPI failed to submit its annual Environmental Results Program certifications prompting MassDEP to issue a Notice of Noncompliance in October 2004. When LPI failed to respond, MassDEP inspected the facility and found hazardous waste storage and recordkeeping violations. Also, it was discovered that LPI was using non-compliant press cleaning solutions. In addition to the Penalty, LPI agrees to immediately begin use of compliant press wash solutions, and assure that all additional violations identified are corrected. The future use of these compliant solutions by LPI will, based on previous yearly totals of solution used, and will result in the elimination of approximately 3.4 tons per year of volatile organic compound (VOC) fugitive air emissions from the facility.
Hmmm..... Working on another "Civil Action" movie were we?

But Kelly Ayotte probably would have given them a pass, to hell with the environment, and Global Warming exists no more,another Ayotte flip-flop.

Thanks for helping me to make my point though, hombre.

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