31 October 2010

KingCast shows how Kelly Ayotte supporters Bill Christy, Sam Colt, Lynne Taylor, Ditmar Kopf, "Quiet Man" and others just break the law and don't give a damn, Military Complaint filed.

Wowzers. As if it's permissible to misrepresent yourself -- as Kelly Ayotte supporter Bill Christy did -- as a JAG Attorney in Internet forums all across the World. It is not, UCMJ Article 134 proves that. Now keep in mind this Snowy is the same Lynne Taylor who wrote the comments in the comment section, another flip-flopper like Kelly Ayotte and Bill Christy......who will be reported to the U.S. Military in short order. Now I know never to argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

Dear Military Police and JAG Officers:
It has come to my attention that the Stolen Valor Act has been declared Unconstitutional. However, in the event that Jurisdiction is conferred under UCMJ Article 34 or other authority, and as support for the Government’s position that the law is Constitutional or may be re-written, I hereby notify you of repeated and concerted efforts of the putative Defendants to steal the valor of our Armed Forces past and present. Several such persons are in my immediate and extended family, most notably my Uncle Joe Bailey (RIP), a Sergeant First Class, Vietnam sharpshooter (in contrast to a multiple felon named Gregory Floyd who lied to First Responders and told them he was in Vietnam when he never left Camp Lejeune). 
Floyd may be located at the New Hampshire State Prison for a number of offenses, including gun threats to his neighbor, a late-middle-age frail woman named Alma Jean Boisvert, of Easton Valley, NH.

But Bill Christy’s activities are much worse in many ways. He has traveled amongst forum boards the World over on the Internet, posing as a JAG. Lynne Taylor, l/k/address of Gloucester Massachusetts has admitted that many people knew that Bill Christy, currently of the Milford, Delware area was not a Judge Advocate General and they find the ongoing Fraud and deceit “amusing” even as I repeatedly asked Christy if he was telling the Truth. I will be assembling the reams of paperwork showing the instances of Fraudulent and potentially criminal activities.

Please use their email addresses to ascertain their whereabouts......
.....and to formally charge them if possible. This type of activity besmirches the legal and military systems as well as the very fabric of our society. Bill Christy has repeatedly referred to me as a nigger and motherfucker, some of which I have preserved on this audio:

He publicly stated:

Based on Lynne Taylor’s admission I would check the following individuals known and unknown. They are all Topix trolls.
1.     Bill Christy (Current Topix Handle = Lower Slower Delaware), he is in the Milford, DE area, I need to find his address again)
2.     Lynne Taylor – (Current Topix handle = Snowy)
3.     Ditmar Kopf (Topix handle = Ghost of William Canaris) – I believe his address is 145 Pine Hill Road, Hollis, NH.  On information and belief he actually works in the Securities Industry for Fidelity a scary thought.
4.     Sam Colt (Topix handle, likely not his real name)
5.     Quiet Man (Topix handle, has appeared on my blog in numerous guises over the past 5 years).

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Christopher King said...

lynne has left a new comment on your post "KingCast reveals the real rap sheet on Gregory W. ...":

The King presentation of factually based evidence from the perspective of a legal mind needs little more argument to be convincing than Floyd's own criminal history and vigilante style. King and the Franconia Collective seek truth without malice.

Community leaders should be alert to the clear warning that Floyd, himself, has sounded for the potential to further harm. His sense self-importance and entitlement were sanctioned and fed by the state's elevation of his status to hero shortly after the events of 5/11.

The complexity of the matter between McKay and Liko Kenney was not Floyd's to solve by the side of the road in the manner of killing, as he did.

This case begs for reopening, and stands apart without hope for moral and legal resolution until further investigation at a higher level can fully address the hurried conclusions and obvious flaws that glare at us today.

lynne has left a new comment on your post "Open letter from Franconia resident to Franconia S...":


i am very concerned about the presence of manipulative, shrewd and divisive tactics as they appear on this page and consistently elsewhere. they are enmeshed with the whole of poseurs, disrupters and a self-proclaimed intellectual.

10:43, it is i who posted at 8:38 in exasperation and sarcasm.

i have lived as long, if not longer, than several here, and predict that the "style and substance" of this anonymous person will remain unchanged....it is boastful and self-serving.

jeff and amuss, i SO appreciate the incredible honesty, immense heart, fearless examination of problems, and the wise solutions you offer for Liko, and toward the betterment of franconia. thanks for inviting me in.

the many headgames here motivated me to move from one sign-off to another to protect the veracity of my thoughts and identity..it was irksome.

i don't take kindly to shallow, insulting individuals. it is unpleasant, at best. go ahead and finesse your tactics...you have eroded my trust. further insults will continue to reveal your true character.

i firmly maintain that Liko is not a loser, dirtbag, scum, cop killer. i ask anyone and everyone to look deeper and understand that this young man was targeted, harassed, tortured and abused by mckay until he was finally broken. his loss is devastating and was unnecessary.

caleb, always be well...i am so sorry. i know you will continue to share your unique gifts and teach, humanely, about the lessons forced on you.

my small contribution to Liko and his parents is exhausted, but i believe the truth will prevail. my kind thoughts extend to all of you, and especially Liko's friends and family.

God Bless,
lynne taylor