05 October 2010

KingCast says "What, Kelly.... tell me this isn't journalism... I guess not, since no major media published it."

So......I mean sure, I believe the Littleton Courier did publish the fact that your hero Bruce McKay violated pursuit and OC Spray policies, but for the most part the major media kind of gave you a pass on the fact that neither your nor the Town of Franconia conducted an analysis of the (im)propriety of Bruce McKay's actions.  As you recall, Bruce McKay couldn't get a road named after him he was such an abusive person, putting a knife toward Ms. B's labia in threatening manner in a complaint ignored by the AG's Office. (Item 13).

KingCast.net: Journalism that Kelly Ayotte hates and would outlaw if she could.

Bonus: How can you now say that I'm not a journalist when you treated me as one when you provided me the media packet containing the above picture, in the lobby with all the other journalists? Kelly Ayotte, you are one deceitful and shady candidate for U.S. Senate.

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