18 October 2010

Joe Miller and Kelly Ayotte: Planning Unconstitutional detention parties for Tony Hopfinger and Christopher King.

Well whaddya' know, you got the Sarah Palin - Kelly Ayotte Momma Grizzly connection and now you have the Joe Miller - Kelly Ayotte GOP burn the First Amendment connection.

My lawsuit ishere, and here is Shannyn Moore's HuffPost story.

Watch this video to see how this Momma Grizzly protects women and cubs:


Anonymous said...

It's a GOP sweep in the Granite State!


Christopher King said...

And Dewey defeated Truman too.

Anyway, my point has nothing to do with whether or not the GOP sweeps, politics are a cyclical thing and when the GOP finished screwing up the Dems will return and so on and so on.

The point -- which you seemed to miss -- is the no political party, Dem, Green, Tea, GOP -- has a right to truncate First Amendment Rights of the Press.

That's my point.


Christopher King said...


Learn how to hyperlink for Pete's sake.