07 October 2010

Implode-Explode blog tells Kelly Ayotte, GOP that KingCast is owed the same privileges as any other media, no threats of arrest.

Cross post: Firedoglake.
I was waiting to see what the victorious media blog & website had to say about my case vis a vis their case, 
Mortgage Specialists v. Implode Explode Industries, May 6, 2010 (Rockingham 2009-262) cited herein, and here it is:
"Good to see you fighting the good fight to hold onto what is left of our vanishing "First Amendment" rights. 

Yes, not only is it Bill Chapman's opinion that you should be able to come and go freely (like the traditional media) when reporting on political candidates and politicians, but the New Hampshire Supreme Court decision in our case (The Mortgage Specialists vs. Implode-Explode Heavy Industries) explicitly says you are the media (its based on what you do, not who you are, who pays you, who approves of you, what your personal views and affiliations are, or what your certifications are).....

.....Anyway, both parties, as well as corporations, need to be kept in check, and the free press (open to all) is the best and (last remaining) way to do it. 
Which is of course why they are doing everything they can to stop us from having 1st amendment rights in practice."

But of course the GOP and Kelly Ayotte are basically telling Bill Chapman and the First Amendment to go to hell, as noted in this post, notwithstanding the fact that I am clearly a journalist, as noted in this post.


SHE said...

Chris, I shared your Kelly Ayotte story with a friend of mine. He is a Republican and a Russian immigrant. I told him about your investigation in Franconia, your work as NAACP Chair, the charges Ayotte brought against you and how they were dismissed, and the repeated threats of arrest by the Ayotte campaign.

As a Republican and an immigrant from Russia, he was screaming and yelling at me about how this is America, that can't happen here, that is against the United States Constitution, etc.

Helps you maintain the correct perspective, which in this situation is Outrage.

Anonymous said...

Chris, perhaps if you were not so abrasive and in everyone's face about your right to go into some of the more open events for Kelly Ayotte, then maybe you would be allowed in. I have attended some of these events where you happened to be present and each time you force yourself to be heard by others and you come at Kelly in an aggressive and attacking fashion. She is certainly an individual who can handle herself around people who completely disagree with her or just simply do not like her.

I am all about free speech and a person's right to question those who are seeking to be elected into public office. It is the right thing to do. But literally shoving a camera into a person's face and flat out attacking them is not an acceptable approach. Perhaps you should try reaching out in a more civilized and appropriate way for someone who says that they have press credentials.

Christopher King said...


I call bullshit on that.

You watched the Joe Arpaio interview, did you not?

Was I loud or abrasive with him?

Hell no.

I asked him some questions, he was uncomfortable as you can see him looking for a way out, but I was in no ways unprofessional.

The only reason I have to raise my voice to Kelly is because her goon squads push me away and threaten to arrest me as soon as I walk up, they don't even allow me to ask a question.

And if you watched the Manchester video you can hear a Dartmouth professor tell a woman who called me a bigot:

"Hey we were having a nice conversation."

I engaged the woman in an open and professional conversation, all of which is in video and all of which is being brought before the Court.

Try again.

-The KingCaster.