17 October 2010

Bill O'Reilly supports KingCast lawsuit v. GOP: "No place for First Amendment Free Press abuse in America," Kelly Ayotte and John Kitzhaber are both fascist pigs.

Well this is great because Bill O'Reilly will not doubt support my lawsuit against NH GOP candidate Kelly Ayotte and the GOP and Nashua police department who allow the GOP to slap my camera with a GOP flier and threaten me with arrest, and I have worked for a daily and weekly newspaper, thank you.

Visit KingCast blog and Kelly Ayotte Senate blog to read the lawsuit I'm filing Tuesday or Wed  19-20 Oct. 2010.

Christopher King, J.D.
KingCast -- Reel News for Real People.
If a Dem did it to me I would sue the living snot out of them too. The First Amendment knows no party affiliation.

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