31 October 2010

KingCast shows how Kelly Ayotte supporters Bill Christy, Sam Colt, Lynne Taylor, Ditmar Kopf, "Quiet Man" and others just break the law and don't give a damn, Military Complaint filed.

Wowzers. As if it's permissible to misrepresent yourself -- as Kelly Ayotte supporter Bill Christy did -- as a JAG Attorney in Internet forums all across the World. It is not, UCMJ Article 134 proves that. Now keep in mind this Snowy is the same Lynne Taylor who wrote the comments in the comment section, another flip-flopper like Kelly Ayotte and Bill Christy......who will be reported to the U.S. Military in short order. Now I know never to argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

Dear Military Police and JAG Officers:
It has come to my attention that the Stolen Valor Act has been declared Unconstitutional. However, in the event that Jurisdiction is conferred under UCMJ Article 34 or other authority, and as support for the Government’s position that the law is Constitutional or may be re-written, I hereby notify you of repeated and concerted efforts of the putative Defendants to steal the valor of our Armed Forces past and present. Several such persons are in my immediate and extended family, most notably my Uncle Joe Bailey (RIP), a Sergeant First Class, Vietnam sharpshooter (in contrast to a multiple felon named Gregory Floyd who lied to First Responders and told them he was in Vietnam when he never left Camp Lejeune). 
Floyd may be located at the New Hampshire State Prison for a number of offenses, including gun threats to his neighbor, a late-middle-age frail woman named Alma Jean Boisvert, of Easton Valley, NH.

But Bill Christy’s activities are much worse in many ways. He has traveled amongst forum boards the World over on the Internet, posing as a JAG. Lynne Taylor, l/k/address of Gloucester Massachusetts has admitted that many people knew that Bill Christy, currently of the Milford, Delware area was not a Judge Advocate General and they find the ongoing Fraud and deceit “amusing” even as I repeatedly asked Christy if he was telling the Truth. I will be assembling the reams of paperwork showing the instances of Fraudulent and potentially criminal activities.

Please use their email addresses to ascertain their whereabouts......

KingCast demands that Union Leader retract Kelly Ayotte's biggest lies as NH AG that all occurred in her sham investigation of the Franconia shooting tragedy.

"And he was a rogue, in every sense -- to other law enforcement and to people, particularly young men and women, the weak.... the ones that hurt. And he was bad, there's no question, and anyone in Law Enforcement who says he's one of them, is getting on the wrong side.... With the information they had on this guy they had to say 'get him out of uniform, get him out of service, he doesn't belong here.'"
-Retired Franconia & Sugar Hill Officer Bradford Whipple, who warned the Town of Franconia to fire Bruce McKay, and who finds Kelly Ayotte culpable (KingCast Negligent Retention video at 3:20) for ignoring years of warning signs also noted by Ms. B. She filed ignored complaints after McKay stuck a "penis shaped knife" (her exact words to me) toward her privates for no reason on a bogus DUI stop. Read the Casey Sherman "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" book launch post, containing Kelly Ayotte's deviations from norm in her sham "investigation." She would love to shut me down for Defamation in addition to threatening to arrest me (KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD U.S. Dist. NH 2010-CV-492) but what I say is all true, sadly. So too is the information in the Kelly Ayotte Momma Grizzly video.

This 13 May 2007 Union Leader story shows how major media can play mouthpiece for a lying AG like Kelly Ayotte , and this is the reason why Friends of Kelly Ayotte can't stand me as an honest reporter of the facts set forth in Kelly Ayotte's own investigative files. To wit:

At pdf 894 and 903 Floyd claims that he never got Liko's gun cleared -- which is certifiably false:

"Both were test fired and found to function normally."

He got it cleared and he put the jammed bullet into his pocket as proved (pdf. 564) then he loaded Liko's second clip to make it appear that Liko had done so after he finished murdering him, IMHO. This is why no one can seem to find any fingerprint analysis of Liko Kenney's gun because Floyd's prints are likely all over the second magazine.

Also any notion of conversation from Floyd to Liko is totally bogus, even though Kelly's (unsigned) Official Report has Floyd saying "I told him whatever came into my mind...." because Floyd clearly says at 874:
"And then you know I, I walked up at that time and uh, probably within four seconds had shot the driver."
This supports his previously-documented statement on another volume: 

Page 20/1,000: 
"Did you say anything before you fired?" 
"No, I didn't"

And that's what Caleb said as well:
Page 11/1,000
The man said nothing before he fired."

But Sgt. West is Floyd's buddy, listen to this comment:

Pdf 886:

"You're giving him time by you working the mechanism and under the situation that's pretty cool, I think."

Sir: I think not. "Four seconds," remember...... I think you and your staff intentionally ignored the windshield bullet because that proves that Floyd started shooting from across the street.... (more about Bruce McKay's violence at the Brendlin v. California post and at the Sergeant Mark Taylor warned Chief Montminy about Bruce McKay post). 

The fact that Kelly Ayotte's sham "investigation" never answered who shot the windshield bullet into Liko Kenney's car, because it was Floyd, BEFORE Liko's car ever struck Bruce McKay. Liko Kenney was by that point nearly blinded and probably just drove toward whatever was trying to kill him. Also, Floyd did not position his car between Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney, he positioned it in between Kenney and his Uncle Mike's house see the KingCast Liko Kenney egress post. And passenger Caleb Macaulay's window was shattered, with the mechanism in up full up position because Floyd shot right through it without a word, p.26 of Kelly Ayotte's own Official Report reads "The passenger side widow was in the fully up position but the glass was in fragments." Lastly, those are spent casings near the Floyd pick-em-up truck 30-40 feet south of the Kenney vehicle, so he was definitely firing on Liko immediately, not at the car door. 

Liko Kenney had telephoned his Uncle 3 times during the first traffic stop to be an adult witness because he was afraid of Bruce McKay, who got away with violating Liko Kenney's Civil Rights in 2003 and beat him down with several other cops for no reason whatsoever.....

KingCast exposes another Kelly Ayotte supporter as a wife-beating, child-beating, JAG Attorney-posing jackass.

Read it and weep Billy Boy. Boo-Yah! Journalism at its finest.

Regarding your 1:17p voicemail.
1. I am sorry to hear of your loss. I had a sister die as well so there's no need to trash talk me on that.
2. You said my online journalism "sucks" because you have two biological children, which I knew already because I spoke with the son of your girly, J___, whom you lost custody of. This was some time after you fucked his mother (your neighbor) while she was married, class act you are.
3. You threatened me yet again with opening up a can of worms if I don't back off of you, well that's quite the statement given your proved history of Defamatory statements about me involving threats of violence, sexual and otherwise.
4. You said you hope the same thing happens to my family, a class act.
5. Then you went on and called me a pig.
6. I wasn't avoiding your call Sir, I was out for an inline skate, now I'm going to ride the 650R for a bit, it is a beautiful fall day. And again, while I am truly sorry for your loss -- I wish you the best in your recovery, the same way I did when you had your prior medical issues and I have that preserved in an email -- that has nothing to do with you Defaming me and being a complete dick for more than 2 years running.  So you and Lynn/Snowy and Quiet Man, and Ditmar Kopf/Canaris, Wowzer, Sam Colt and all your little Topix troll friends can go piss in the wind.

PS: You didn't give a damn what my family members were going through when you and your pals created and maintained "King Bash Here" and all of your other hate forums did you? Hell no. So that's your legacy pal, you will have to think about that as you move forward and ask yourself about the karma involved that I would meet J___.

Kelly Ayotte hanging out with NH Senator Bob Letourneau, another First Amendment hater who got schooled by KingCast.

Yah that's right folks, Billy-Bob Letourneau tried to shut me down but in the end he lost, HB 1428 and SB154 Bruce McKay Highway shot down because Norman Bruce McKay was a rogue, bully cop. I am proud to be one of the many cool cats who contributed in that effort.

30 October 2010

Hey Kelly Ayotte, did your people put this COINTELPRO "Bill Christy" - William Frank Christy - character on me?

 "Bill Christy" is not a JAG..... but what is he? Who in the hell would follow me around from board to board, three 3 years straight unless the government had something on him to send him to work to try to screw with people like me and folks like the Franconia Collective. And he has the nerve to trash talk me, LOL.

I've got the dossier on this dude now though, thanks to my brilliant online journalism and a bit of luck. And that's all you need to know Bill. And please, no more hysterical phone calls to me like the one you gave me earlier this week or the one noted above. I said this guy was a douchebag all along and I pretty much nailed it.

Well Billy Boy,
Betcha’ didn’t know the son of your ex-girly is my neighbor, hahahah….

He says you are from Wrentham, Mass and you:

1.     Had an affair with your neighbor, his mom.
2.     Beat him for getting his bicycle stolen and on other occasions with hands, shoes, belts, etc. and punched him in the face when he was 12.
3.     Beat his mother with same.
4.     Had police routinely at your house in Raymond.
5.     Are not from NH at all but have hopped around between Exeter, Epping, Raymond, etc.  moving your children around in the middle of winter.
6.     Lost custody after a DV episode in Raymond
7.     Had a foreclosure.
8.     Lost jobs as welder at Novel Ironworks and Loading Dock Equipment.
9.     Are not a JAG but are instead an abusive, lying, deceitful sack of sh*t.
10. I’m not getting into your daughter S____’s issue but I hope she prevails and stays clean.

And you and the douchebag “Quiet Man” have the nerve to say I am a drifter, hahahahaa….

You Sir, are a typical Kelly Ayotte supporter and you have been KingCasted.

Chuck Turner appeals to logic, common sense and social equity to request probation, delayed council vote to continue his community achievements.

"This is an attempt to destabilize a black and minority community that is on the move," bellowed Chuck Turner today from his podium in front of his Roxbury local office."

I wholly agree and wonder, as does Witness Wilburn, "where all the white people at?"

Good ol' Government, using $30K and folks involved with known cocaine dealers to go after the only Boston Council member to permanently staff a local office, nice. All of that is oh-so-important, but I still can't get a hearing on my Free Press Rights -- Fundamental Rights mind you -- in KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD. Video soon, pics at flickr.

Help Kelly Ayotte run..... from Open Government and the First Amendment, KingCast has "Ridiculous thoughts" about getting a substantive hearing in Federal Free Press case of KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD 2010-CV-492.

The Union Leader's Joe McQuaid can be critical of Kelly Ayotte, but this neo-con white man is never barred from covering her events. More -- much more -- coming soon and you will get to enjoy a new legal pleading, a killer 1995 Cranberries video and references to Gorky Park.... something about falling into the chasm between what is said -- and what is done -- in this Country.

Kelly Ayotte's true legal legacy is an American nightmare, rife with Civil Rights and Open Government/Sunshine Law violations and a marked indifference, if not outright encouragement, of corporate graft. My exposure of these facts, which has led to information contained in Casey Sherman's Novel and pending Hollywood screenplay (Dorothy Aufiero Producer) "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

Most of the legal documents filed by Plaintiff KingCast are in the Andrew McLaughlin post,

The Offer of Proof video below accomplishes several things:

1. It eliminates the Defendants’ argument that KingCast is not engaged in Journalism by any standard.

2. It eliminates the Defendants argument that KingCast was engaged in unruly behavior or political activism inside any of the forums, in fact KingCast only passed a few fliers from 1,500 feet away from the Crown Plaza lobby. KingCast did not pass any fliers at the Kelly Ayotte Facebook rally or at the John McCain VFW rally.

3. It pins the Defendants to the sole issue of whether they can engage in viewpoint and/or race-based discrimination at publicly advertised events covered by on-duty, uniformed police.

As to the other videos, enjoy the scratchy but informative impromptu live feed Riddley Report Interview and the Cranberries. Then Casey Sherman, KingCast and retired lawman Bradford Whipple exchange thoughts about Bad Blood and the pending wrongful death and Civil Rights lawsuit of Liko Kenney v. Gregory Floyd, et al. 2010-CV-181 and a short film about “Momma Grizzly” Kelly Ayotte and how she allows Law Enforcement to abuse all sorts of women and youth in New Hampshire.

KingCast presents Tim Scott, a 'nigger' Republican Senate Candidate that even Niggermania would love.

Here is today's NPR story noting that Tim Scott picks and chooses his media just as NH white girl Kelly Ayotte does. So he's bullshit right out of the box but that's the GOP modus operandi, obviously they didn't learn much when President Obama tried it with FOX last year, read my Judicial Notice Obama Memorandum to the Federal Court. Hey Tim, I see you have some Niggermania friends nearby in North Carolina, and they've got some friends in South Carolina too I would imagine, so you might want to stop in on a canvass, get to know your constituents a bit better, no?

KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD lawsuit being read by Obama's Andrew McLaughlin.

29 October 2010

Cases like Scott Hyman’s $1.7M anti-Semitic Jury Verdict show why Defendants in KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP don’t want KingCast cameras in the Courtroom, run off to Federal Court.

Full story here.

KingCast getting lots of hits from dumb-assed racist crackers at Niggermania.

They seem to think they are not white supremacists, whatever they are I don't even bother to read their crap, but they read my work as they support that First-Amedment hatin' GOP/Tea Party toady Kelly Ayotte, who owes me a response in Federal Court for Free Press violations. This particular tool appears to be Terrence L. Cuper of 114 Wood Hollow Dr. Cary, NC, all public records my friend.

Okay so it's not white supremacy, just a bunch of dumb-assed white folks sittin' round thinking their shit don't stink, while they fume at the fact that their not as smart as a dumb-assed porch monkey nigger who "got his nigger ass thrown out."

Screw you and the glue factory KKK horses you rode in on, you don't even have the sack to publicly identify yourselves you flippin' cowards. I'd tell it to you straight to your face if you had the courage to say who you are but you don't because you're just a bunch of dumb-assed punk-assed crackers.

Wonder how much these dirtbags contributed to Kelly Ayotte's campaign, prolly a bit more than Taxmasters, those Texas dirtbags being sued by Texas AG for continued and rampant Fraud.

Fraud committed against Good White People, I might add. Watch the Good White People at FOX News describe it right here.

Well you crackers just got owned by a nigger, ha-ha.

KingCast the human yo-yo sees his Free Press lawsuit in KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD 2010-CV-492 go up and back again!

In a move likely calculated to protect my interests, Federal Judge Paul Barbadoro Remanded KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD Free Press lawsuit to Hillsborough County Court Judge Robert Lynn because it was not clear that all Defendants assented to Removal. I didn't want removal because I wanted all kinds of cameras in the Courtroom, including those of The Riddley Report (see yesterday's Riddley Report video) but this way we are going to make Federal Law, which is more important for more electronic-only journalists. Along the way Nashua PD Attorney Brian Cullen (the only Defendant Attorney who has showed me the courtesy of a damn phone call) and I have exchanged pleasantries as the Ayotte and GOP Defendants waited until the last minute to Remove the case to Federal Court, literally hours before my scheduled hearing before Judge Lynn. Heck, I even sent him an email with an on-point case regarding Imperfected Removal, Joran v. Murphy, Unreported, N.D. Ohio, Western Division. No. 3:00CV7212. Sept. 5, 2000 (unreported). That's the way I've always been with any opposing counsel who wasn't a complete jerk to me.

Aside: You ever think about the fact that the major press has co-opted blogging, such that it's okay for a print journalist to have a blog, but if you don't have traditional print formats in large daily circulation you are "just a blogger." To hell with that nonsense. I won't have any of it, not when print and large-scale media entities use my material. The distinction is one without difference in the modern era.

So today Brian (yes Brian you can call me Chris, you've earned that as well, the other Attorneys have not) calls me to tell me about this and that he re-filed with the assent of all Parties notified. I was not able to determine if the Court is still mandating the 1 Nov. 2010 filing deadline imposed on Defendants, see the "Cayman Island Kelly Ayotte & GOP slither away" post. What I am able to determine is that Di Lothrop and Ryan Williams are completely disingenuous in trying to argue that I am not a journalist, that much is clear and both of them are lying fascist pigs, Di Lothrop had even invited me in, along with the acknowledgment of Nashua GOP Chair Dennis "I can represent husband and wife in a Divorce" Hogan (he can't) as clearly seen in the KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP Offer of Proof video, below.

28 October 2010

KingCast presents: Some new friends, one old hater.

Back story of today's events here, most lawsuit documents are here in the Andrew McLaughlin post.

The Defendants have not said a word on the substantive allegations. I have run up and down Lexis and Westlaw so there's not much they can do with that, I'm way ahead of them. 

Kelly Ayotte and GOP act like dirty politicians with skeletons in the closet, running from KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP & Nashua PD Free Press First Amendment lawsuit in Federal Court, 2010-CV-492 PB.

Back in the Day folks used to get away with saying I was the Bad Guy. 

But today we have video and broadband, and that changes everything. Now they have to deal with the case straight up on the merits, albeit on a delayed basis. These folks are going to take some hits, and rightfully so.

Today's Nashua Telegraph story by Patrick Meighan, and the 29 Oct. 2010 follow-up.