03 September 2010

KingCast says Serena & the McEnroe brothers rock tennis broadcasting at U.S. Open 2010.

I....... love it. Serena has a fantastic broadcast voice, and the shared fact that both families have World Class tennis players on board provides a natural backdrop and basis of understanding. Serena said she wants to be the best tennis player to make a difference and to help people. I can dig it, I love helping the Youth, Dagha and I did it in Mattapan and at the NYSE this spring in the NYSE/America SCORES Poetry SLAM! Look for this alliance to continue in the coming years as the Williams sisters slow down. The McEnroe brothers are wedded to tennis and a bunch of Good Things as well. We as tennis viewers should encourage this type of thing, especially given all the B.S. hype people spewed out about Mac being a Williams hater, blah blah blah all BS there is mad respect all around there. I've met him a few times, the Williams sisters only for a moment, but I can say this is great stuff for all the McEnroe/Williams haters, but better stuff for the Youth.

A sparkle befitting Big Sister's dress :)
-The KingCaster.

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