21 September 2010

KingCast says racist white women with scarred faces often blame blacks for everything.

What is it with these sick people? You got the woman in Vancouver, Washington who scarred her face and falsely accused a black woman, and you got some Internet troll Lynne Taylor, who goes by "Snowy" who gouged her face out and who goes around trash talking me on Topix. Is this some kind of a trend? Can we get them some mental help? Jeezlouise, what a sad World :(


Anonymous said...

Racist blacks like you blame white people for all your misfortunes that have happened to you. In reality it's your own actions that caused you to be suspended as an attorney in 1998.
Racist blacks like you like to spread lies about white people especially women as you stalk and harass them on the Internet, and now in public places.
Racist blacks like you have no problem hurling out ethnic slurs while you scream about the injustices that have befallen you. Racist blacks like you who claim to be a civil rights activist in reality are racists and a bigots.

Christopher King said...

Let me tell you something, cracker:

My suspension was based on a number of documentable lies, but it has nothing to do with this white woman or Michael Stuart in Boston making up lies about black people, you stupid ass hat.

Me a racist?

Tell it to my white brother in law, whom I suggested my sister marry, you ignorant waste product.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

PS: My suspension stemmed from us tape recording a landlord who called my white client a "nigger lover," and I documented that through independent third parties.

Come get your door prizes and get the hell outta' here.


-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

PPS: Watch the woman apologize to me for calling me a bigot while I'm talking with a white Dartmouth professor and tennis player.

Take a lesson.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Charles Stuart, sorry.

Read about him.... and Derrick Gillenwater getting his fundamental rights taken away just like Kunt Kinte.


As in "Jigga!"

Christopher King said...

This is fun:

While you're complaining go file a complaint with tenured law professor Lou Jacobs, who recused himself from the disciplinary panel and wrote that "racism, ignorance and reactionary politics played a role" in my suspension.



Christopher King said...

Asshat from Amherst NH read this on 27 Sept.

The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

cracker? Grow up you're a immature boy in a mans body, your life is stymied by hatred primarily for white people. Even your precious Lou Jacobs said that he hoped you learned to accept your responsibility for your actions,that led to your suspension and where racism comes into play. Your courtroom antics were well documented. You haven't learned a damn thing or grown up one single bit in 12 years since you were suspended. I'm very familiar with the Ohio case that caused your suspension. I've read all the documents where you also filed suit against the justices who suspended you.

You set the landlord up just like you do othere people, and you illegally recorded the landlord, keys facts you just choose to leave out. The other attorney involved accepted his responsibility and had his license reinstated, you just choose to continue to make excuses 12 years later. You must be the stupidist person on the face of the earth if you think anyone buys that all your bullshit that no matter where you travel all these people have it in for you. Apparently momma king never taught you the meaning of accountability and responsibility for your own actions little man.
The woman never apologized for calling you a bigot, but lets go on your premise that she did. The fact remains that you never offered up any apologies to anyone for your unprofessional actions, including the same woman that you called a bigot.
You play the race card every chance you can,using it as an excuse for your anti-social behavior everytime your own actions get you into trouble which is well documented. Your life is based on nothing but well documented lies, excuses for everything in your life since your childhood.

Christopher King is KingCasts worst enemy. When you come to accept that fact perhaps your life will begin to straighten out, but no one who knows you holds much hope for that ever happening.


Christopher King said...

The landlord set himself up by calling a white woman a "nigger lover" but you don't care about that.

Sit down and STFU, Attorney Chapman says you're wrong, and I'm right, just as I was in Nashua in 2007.


-The KingCaster