23 September 2010

KingCast note to Blogger: Your new system totally sucks, change it back.

You guys have got to be kidding me. Look at the responses to your inquiries, to a man/woman, everybody said "don't fix what isn't broken." Now you have offered up some crap that nobody can use, we don't know the exact sizing of what photos we are uploading, and for some reason even my cut and paste of text is not working properly.

Can't cut and paste videos from YouTube or from other posts. You have to now upload videos one at a time, complete and utter BULLSHIT. It also makes it next to impossible to run multiple blogs a very interesting development.... wonder why they did that. I'll fix their wagon, simply link back to Chris King's 1st Amendment page, ahem.

Did you field test this rubbish before you foisted it upon the unsuspecting public? Damn guys, it just SUCKS. Really. Going to Word Press as soon as I have the time, thanks for nothing.


Anonymous said...

leave it to a piece of shit to bemoan about something you don't even pay for jackass.

Christopher King said...

Nobody pays for it, but we are all entitled to complain about it and compliment it as well, as I have done on prior occasion when idiot haters like you got material removed and I had it put back on.


Christopher King said...

Asshat from Amherst NH read this on 27 Sept.

The KingCaster.