13 September 2010

KingCast, NH Supreme Court, Ayotte and some GOP members show why people think NH is backwards and racist.

1. The New Hampshire Supreme Court allowed a Bad Cop named Martin J. Dunn, and his establishment lawyer Dan Mullen (former Kelly Ayotte waterboy) to repeatedly lie about me to the Court and get away with it. Specifically , they lied and said I was "disbarred," they lied and said that I "misrepresented [myself] as being licensed in New Hampshire," they lied and said I wrote a "Fraudulent letter" from the NAACP (see NAACP Veteran's Chair Cleaven Ferguson's Affidavit) and they lied about me saying that Dunn raped his daughter. In reality it was Meshugana Marty laughing at a racist hate mail to me that said
"You better save your food stamps you goin' need protection where you're going, you bout to be Bubba's bitch."

All of these matters invoke Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal concerns, and they besmirch the Court and legal community, but as two duly licensed area attorneys (and I mean partners in well-respected law firms) noted to me "King, don't you know you're messing with good white people, and you are a black man in New Hamsphire without the kind of power or money to do that. They hate you." And that's purely evident that they do not care about Justice, Truth or Accuracy.

2. The GOP attacked me at the Jeff Arpaio rally and there is no question but that if I had struck one of their cameras the same way that I was struck, I would have been arrested, pronto, never mind that Mayor Streeter gave me a Mayoral Commendation for all of my diligent First Amendment work. The cop stood right there and criticized me instead of admonishing this white woman who lost her cool and broke the law, smiling with glee the whole time, the video doesn't lie, folks. I telephoned Police Chief Conley this morning and he never returned my call, so I will go see him in person tomorrow and file my complaint.

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SHE said...

Arpaio, whatever you say about him, at least has some class.


That woman Karen slapped your camera in an effort to offend you. Any reasonable person can see that offending you was her sole intent. She was confident and aggressive, not pulling back in fear. She was Not anticipating that you would strike her with your camera, and therefore meeting your blow in self defense. Rather, she was offended by you, and so she sought to offend you back by physically slapping your camera.

And that was indeed highly offensive to you, as a person who did not give permission to be touched, as a member of the press being degraded among peers, and since you were in a hostile environment. And she should have been aware of all three types of offensiveness.

People know from a very young age that they cannot do that to others. Moreso, they learn that if you do something like that, you're in serious danger of retaliation. When can a person reach out and slap someone like Karen did, and not fear retaliation? You tell me..........

Next morning, the Nashua Telegraph, who know you very well, says you "claim" to be a member of the press, I believe directly caused by the degradation you were handed by Karen, Di/Ayotte, and the PD.

Offensive touching is as much a tort as a punch in the nose.