29 September 2010

KingCast files complaint with Nashua City Attorney, Police Chief against Kelly Ayotte, GOP for viewpoint-based First Amendment Discrimination.

Dear Sergeants Bailey and Maher:

It was my pleasure to meet the both of you and to pick at these thorny issues and the shame of the Mattapan murders. We both understand that the bulk of your efforts at the PD will be with respect to the conduct of Karen Thoman, while Attorney Bennett addresses the press and open event matters noted in my Complaint.

I hate to have to be so forward, but note that Kelly Ayotte did nothing (p.2) in 206/2007 when I wrote her about the Unconstitutional School Board Policies here in Nashua, I had to take it on myself with Alderman Teeboom, Sandra Ziehm and others joining.

Your prime videos documenting the oppression are right here, with GOP Hitler Youth "Ryan" doing a number on me with Officer Hargreaves, none of them would listen to a damn thing I had to say, caught it on video.  And yes I have maintained all raw footage files to show the full continuity of the exchanges. I am fully confident that my behavior is on point and professional, as it was before the Nashua School Board three (3) years ago, as opposed to the behaviors exhibited by Kelly Ayotte and local GOP Office members Karen Thoman and Dan Richardson.

Newbies: This morning's entry contains the Complaint and related video and hateful comments from the GOP Treasurer. His air of privileged insouciance hits at the core of everything wrong with the GOP and paints Nashua with a patina of country-bumpkin essence.

"Do you think it was racial?" asked one of the Sergeants, I'm not saying which one.
"Well I think it's a combination of things, and race is a part of it, so is viewpoint-based discrimination. Plus I'm not as young as I look, and some people assume I haven't seen this stuff before. And I'm like, look man I'm 45 years old and I don't have time for this crap...."
"You think he would have treated you differently if you were, say FOX News or something...."

The problem is that I bring too much color to the game, in general, and they certainly don't like it. But that's too bad because it's not about to stop.

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PS: It just occurred to me, this is the third time in our history that Kelly Ayotte has tried to have me arrested, dammit. And people have the nerve to call ME a racist, or to have a vendetta, ahem. We see who's got the vendetta, because she's got nothing of substance to say to me or to Casey Sherman.
Speaking of colors.....enjoy today's KingCast jam:


The SD said...

Dear Mr. King,

It strikes me funny that when someone (Such as Ayotte) exhibits her ignorant, racist, power-drunk behaviors her first reaction is to turn around and blame someone else for the worst - and that would be racisim.

You sir, are far from any racist, and trying to silence you via arrest?...Hmm, really intelligent on her behalf, because we all know how that turned out for the infamous Ms. Rosa Louise McCauley Parks! Let her arrest you so she can show the world exactly her true colors! (Be sure to spy-cam the whole thing too!)

We, as American citizens have the First Amendment (and all of the Amendments) to keep power crazy corrupt people like her in check - to keep the whole governmental system in check...

"SMH" as they say now-a-days, she is a disgrace to her all females, and anyone who shares a similar shade of pigmentation as her! She is a great shame to our state, and her country... Our founding fathers would be gravely disappointed having seen how she continues to carry herself in the name of politics... More like bigotry and complete disrespect for the Bill of Rights...

Keep on doing what you are doing Christopher... And damn the machine that tries to stop you!
- The SD

Anonymous said...

Mr. King,
You were not threatened with arrest by Ms. Ayotte, you continue to misrepresent the facts to suit your cause. At the Manchester rally you were rude, loud and disruptive. You verbally assaulted a number of participants who were present at the rally. Anyone else would have been arrested. Law enforcement in NH have been more than patient with your antics and racebaiting tactics. You are not professional and are a disgrace to the nenpa and all journalists.
You attempt to silence your detractors by stalking them online, harassing them, and making libelous comments, under the umbrella of the "first amendment".

Christopher King said...


Sit down and STFU, Attorney Chapman says you're wrong, and I'm right, just as I was in Nashua in 2007.


-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Oh my god what an angry black man! Also a hypocrite.. did anyone notice directly below 'Leave your comment' are the words "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author." LOL! Hey wait! You're obfuscating (I'm using big words like you to prove I'm smart!) my First Ammendment Right! LOL! You are a clown! You have NO SHOT at winning that law suit because it WAS NOT a public function, it was a privately funded gathering. Hilarious!

Christopher King said...


I print all comments, even dumb ones like yours.

The moderation is there because it is the best way to prevent spam.

Your comment is not spam, it's actually worse because you are a human being that is supposed to have intelligence.... instead you can't even spell First Amendment properly, and the events were public within the context of the First Amendment, you dumb ass, because anybody could attend and pay the fare and all other media was there.

It's not a private policy-shaping committee meeting.

Dumb ass.