25 September 2010

Election 2010: KingCast, James Taylor and Buddhist Monks support Deval Patrick and Tim Murray at South End Rally.

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VIDEO UPDATE: Look around 11p., it is finished and exporting to file, then comes the YouTube upload.  It's a bit long (as per KingCast usual) but I don't make videos, I make short films that cover a lot of ground, and there is much to say and to show about MA and NH Politics. Target audience -- years from now social studies students need to see all of this, and it takes almost 15 minutes to tell it, but tell it I will. Specifically, I focus on the GOP politics of scapegoat and scare, same modus operandi employed by Adoph Hitler in his ascension over the Weimar Republic. It is a good movie.

"There will be no Arizona in Massachusetts!" echoed hundreds of revelers of all races, religious, ethnic and national backgrounds at the South End's Titus Sparrow Park, the first major campaign rally for incumbent Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray.

To the folks I met today, the background on the heinous Immigration policies of New Hampshire vis a vis the nefarious relationship between Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and NH Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte Ayotte is here.

Be sure to follow the excellent work of Arizona New Times' writer Stephen Lemons right here, we clearly have mutual respect for each other and for Arizona's Dennis Gilman, here is Mr. Lemon's comment on Gilman and Yours Truly.

The ongoing CORI issue seen in today's fliers that His Excellency is working to clear up is here.
Meanwhile, Boston area Pop Folk and Peace Legend James Taylor had a nice soul shake for me (I've never had the pleasure of meeting him in person though I've been a a show of his in the 90's) and some stirring reminders those who would like to blame Governor Patrick for all the World's woes:

"Massachusetts has the highest rate of job creation since the start of the year than any other state in the country..... thanks to Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray's investment in our schools, the students of Massachusetts are the first in the Nation in Educational achievement...and that's something that only happens with a Governor who values education as much as this one does."

The KingCast short feature film will be up late tonight or tomorrow morning, for now watch the Scott Hyman video about the bigots in Lakeville who terrorized a Jewish man because of his race/religion. He won a $1.7M verdict against the Hemlock Homeowners Association but they filed a Motion for New Trial and the case has been held up now for a couple of months. Given my background as a Civil Rights lawyer, I hope to gosh that the FBI gets in there to nail these people for Federal Civil Rights claims.


SHE said...

Like night and day, isn't it?

What a difference open government makes.

Christopher King said...

Word that.