25 August 2010

Recon Motion: KingCast warns NH Supreme Court on "Slime Bag" Martin J. Dunn appeal in No. 2009-265, 19 August 2010: Quit telling the same lies he did.

Pictured: Idiot fired cop Martin J. Dunn and his idiot resigned Prosecutor William Albrecht, IV.


Dear NH Supreme Court:

Your 19 August 2010 opinion in Martin J. Dunn v. NH Retirement System stated:
Around October/November 2005, Dunn discharged a police officer, who then obtained union representation and filed a grievance against Dunn.
Well guess what? Dunn and former NH AG Kelly Ayotte lost all aspects of that case, and Jury acquitted Aaron Deboisbriand in about an hour. His father and I kept in touch throughout the case and throughout my case because Dunn and Kelly Ayotte are known to be feckless, but dangerous in their own ways.

It then stated:
In addition to budgetary challenges, Dunn faced a number of stressors beginning in 2004 and continuing through his final day of work in July 2006. In December 2004, Dunn received a letter on NAACP stationery threatening to sue him and the police department. This began a lengthy dispute waged both in the courts and on the internet between Dunn and the letter’s author, a disbarred attorney. Although the letter-writer’s lawsuit against Dunn was dismissed in late 2006, the internet attacks continued.

Well that's not exactly accurate..... First of all it was MassCops who called Dunn a "Slime Bag," not me.

Second, before I kicked his butt in the Criminal case, Martin J. Dunn thought it would be funny if I got gang-raped in prison, i.e. "You 'bout to be Bubba's Bitch," read the transcript.

Third, what happened was Dunn continued to lie, claiming I was disbarred and found guilty of practicing law without a license (both lies) and I warned him about it in your so-called "Internet Attacks" you mention during your little pity party for this feckless cop.

Fourth, I am not disbarred so you need to correct that immediately, the same way that WMUR did when I flagged them on it when another idiot cop said I was disbarred. Read the retraction right here.

Fifth, your opinion fails to mention the bogus case for Attempted Felony Extortion that Boy Blunder brought against me even after I specifically asked to present the facts to the Grand Jury. I schooled them good, (UL coverage) and the State failed to prosecute its bogus case after I sat through Voir Dire with my lawyer, former lead Hillsborough Prosecutor David Horan. Idiot Girl Kelly Ayotte's case for Unauthorized Practice of Law was DISMISSED.

Sixth, Martin J. Dunn (and NAACP President Gloria Timmons) lied under Oath when he stated that I had not read the police reports about Willie Toney being before I wrote the Demand Letter. Read the transcript. I knew Toney, a black man, had faced three (3) drawn guns from white officers and a visual body cavity search for LOITERING -- I had read these police reports right here -- and he beat that case pro se, without a lawyer.

Seventh, Dunn's termination was affirmed by former NH AG John Arnold.

Eighth, Prosecutor Bill Albrecht resigned amidst an Ethics Investigation.

This information was readily available to you and you should have known better. I am much too busy with Courtroom and other video to have to take the time to follow in behind you and clean up your mistakes.

Surely Judge Dalianis should have known better, I know her son and when he worked for Mayor Streeter I was awarded a Mayoral Commendation for my hard work in changing First Amendment Policy in Nashua with Alderman Teeboom and for my investigation into the Franconia Shooting tragedy, idiot AG Kelly Ayotte giving taxpayers the biggest cover up in NH Legal History except for the Dow Murders. Heck I got a Decision on RSA 91-A Right-to-Know against her, take a look.

I ought to sue you for Defamation, but I'll settle for an immediate retraction. Just because I annoy you does not give you the right to tell lies about me, do you understand that yet? Thanks for reaffirming everything I thought about NH "Justice."

Please issue the correction forthwith, or I will Commence Legal Action. You are the High Court of the State, and you have a responsibility to get it straight before you publish, not after. What did you think my people wouldn't keep me informed of things like this, or did you -- like former Chief Dunn -- think you could just say and do anything to a black man and get away with it?

He couldn't and you can't, either. Now go back and get it straight.

Submitted with all the respect that is due,

Christopher King, J.D.
cc: Dr. Albert M. Drukteinis
Peter T. Foley, Esq.


Christopher King said...

The AOC staff is committed to provide excellent support to New Hampshire courts so the judges and their staff can meet their goal of providing access to timely justice by impartial judges.

We welcome your suggestions of ways to improve the administration of New Hampshire courts. You may contact us at: aoc@courts.state.nh.us.

Donald D. Goodnow, Esq.
Administrative Office of the Courts
Two Charles Doe Drive
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-2521


Oh, you better believe I have an email and a call in to Attorney Goodnow pending at 7:57 a.m.

The bullshit must cease.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

From the Opinion:

In February 2006, Dunn received an email
message from a selectman sent to various parties, and apparently inadvertently sent to him, containing derogatory statements about Dunn and questioning his sanity.

In early April 2006, after Dunn’s symptoms intensified and he developed a rash, Dr. Frechette prescribed medications for anxiety and diarrhea. On Dr. Frechette’s recommendation, Dunn also met with Dr. Christopher Benton, a psychiatrist. Dr. Benton agreed that Dunn was experiencing “severe stress
associated with on going job conflict,” and determined that he was suffering from “Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood.”

He prescribed medications, and recommended that Dunn seek counseling on a regular basis.


Now I never went that far in a public writing, but it is comforting to know I'm not the only one who thinks this guy is nuts.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email and telephone message regarding the opinion issued in 2009-265, Petition of Martin J. Dunn. We are in the process of updating our website to repost the opinion with references to "disbarred attorney" or "disbarred lawyer" being deleted. I understand that the clerk of court, Eileen Fox, has spoken to you and explained the process for filing a motion with the court if you seek additional changes.

Thank you again for calling this to our attention.

David Peck
Reporter of Decisions
NH Supreme Court

SHE said...

After so much history - and, very importantly, animosity - I can't envision any reasonable jury declaring this to be an error made in good faith. Nor harmless.

Christopher King said...


Correct. It was no accident, and that is why I'm about to read the Pleadings to see exactly who uttered the offending, false and Defamatory comments, ab initio and in continuum.

Dunn is a real tool, he's proved it time and time again.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

3:30 iPhone update
26 Aug 2010

Eatin' sushi in Concord.

It was Dan Mullen, Esq who did it.

He wrote "suspended" to the NH Retirement Board, then after he and his happy-assed, gang-rape laughing feckless cop client took a spanking he juiced up the pleadings to "disbarred."

I got all the docs from the Court and filed a Supplemental Pleading for sua sponte investigation into the obvious Rule 3.3 violation.

Will post it later.

-The KingCaster

PS: "The Internet attacks continue to this day" writes Mullen. Well if you consider me telling the truth -- with transcript documentation -- to be an attack, you ain't seen nothin' yet My Friend.

See you in Liko Kenney v. Floyd et al :)

Christopher King said...

PS: At work a city employee called him a "dip-shitz" the pleadings say.

I say hahahahaha that's what you get fir being a jackass hater cop, ruining the Game for the Good Ones you little "slime bag" hahaha......