11 August 2010

KingCast smiles as Madden, Electronic Arts are sacked by 6,000 former NFL players, "reverse curse???"

Here's today's NPR story noting that the players are suing because the Madden game uses their likenesses (with minor, insignificant variation) for commercial gain. That's a no-no of the no-brainer kind. The writing is on the wall, from this $28M Jury Verdict 2007-2008 case against the NFL Players Association that went into overtime when the players sued their attorneys for not finding a way to introduce the crucial emails between NFL and EA as noted in the first link. And after that case, my hometown hero and arguably the greatest running back of all time followed suit, he's a fella' by the name of Jim Brown. Anyway here's part of the email chain from these dirtbags:
For all retired players that are not listed... their identity must be altered so that it cannot be recognized [by Madden players]... Hence, any and all players not listed... cannot be represented in Madden 2002 with the number that player actually wore, and must be scrambled.

KingCast asks Cousin Mike: is this the Reverse Curse LOL Cuz.....

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