21 August 2010

KingCast presents: Look Ma.... No Feet!!! ...... Wet & Wild fun at Wagner Motorsports!

Video processing, 8:22p.

I stopped by to ride the F800 GS and surprise, surprise I still like the F800 ST more, so that will be the Next Rig. They've been out for 3-4 years now so that $10K MSRP should be whittled down appreciably (yuk-yuk) on a pre-owned model come next year. Meanwhile saw some tight cats lettin' loose out back with some heavy stunting, good work guys email me with your names so I can give you props.

Related pic, video: BMW Motorrad Wagner days, 2009-2010.

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xfrnohands@aol.com said...

great time... Scott Fraser!!!! (green stunter)