11 August 2010

KingCast presents: Known liar Derek Lodie's trial, continuance or Plea agreement.

Update...... 9:47p -- Video is exporting to file, then upload to YouTube, prolly done about 11 maybe a tad earlier actually 11:30-11:45 (it was 11:32).

Guilty Plea on Assault Charges, Attempted Murder dismissed. Four (4) to Six (6) years concurrent, no victim statements. Attorney Carney did his best to keep KingCast cameras from capturing his client but he should know that's a futile attempt. I'm too quick for that, not to mention persistent, so I'm gonna shoot my Canon at whatever I want to, when I want to. This is a Free Country, it's called America, dammit.

Will Derek Lodie's trial for (another) (attempted) murder commence today? I don't know but I'll find out. You see, as noted in this post about this central figure in the Revere Dan Talbot/Robert Iacoviello murder trial, we don't really know what's going on with Derek Lodie, except for the fact that he loves to confront people whom he believes give him a hard time, and he and Michael Picardi sure know how to tell some lies. Well that's not true. We also know that the eyewitness account of Revere LE Billy Soto put the gun flash in his hand when Dan Talbot got shot.

And we also know that the proferred testimony of Michael Racca could be heard to put the gun in Derek Lodie's hand, but don't let me tell you that. Instead I'll let Mr. Racca tell you himself. And remember that Mr. Racca is a young man who headed back to school to be an EMT/nurse, he's actually doing something positive with his life, unlike the procession of dirtbag State witnesses we got to watch at trial. Am I making a credibility assessment? Well in a word, yah.

PS: With all these concurrent sentences (read about the new, reinvented altruistic "Batman" Jason Watson (a/k/a "the Continued Restraining Order Guy) in these posts) running around you would think these cats were friggin' altar boys or something. They ain't, but hell I would be smiling too if I'm sitting in Derek Lodie's shoes and getting the Deal he just got.


SHE said...

That big smile says it all.

Christopher King said...


And it says "I got over."

-The KingCaster.

SHE said...

Don't show THIS case to Jason Vassel's mother...

Christopher King said...

6:38: I know, right.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

mr king i would like to make a comment on the quote of ADA amy galatis saying in no way related to the OTHER case (talbot trial)i think she is totally wrong in fact if in anyway the RPD did there job correctly and investigated lodie and pacardi mr dan talbot would be alive today,also some of the people at the stabbing were involed are now witnesses to THAT case how convenient (gb actually punched the person who got stabbed in the face that night and knowing what happened misled police but never got charged because they needed her as a witness in the OTHER case, and so as pacardi for his role in THAT case who did more then jimmy heang was never charged. i could only hope ADA amy opens her eyes and sees the whole picture and does whats right and never let this crack head pacardi on the streets again so we dont have another tragedy.

Christopher King said...


I know, and it was a completely false statement.

It's part of the whitewash, of course the cases are related.

The underlying activity and modus operandi are identical, and as I noted in the video and as you noted herein, if the Revere PD had done its job in the first instance we wouldn't be having this discussion.

And to think that that fabrication went essentially unpunished, it boggles the mind.

But you know what?

It's the type of stuff that goes on in our Courtrooms every single day, I just happen to be in a position to show it.

-The KingCaster.

Sharon said...

WOW!! Is it the complete incompetence of the ever evolving corruption of the Revere PD that keeps its criminals coated in Teflon, or is the lack of enthusiasm of the liberal Judges on the bench that allows these deviant individuals to get b...y with the minimum scolding?
Excuse my language, but this is bullshit!
What happened to the zeal for justice and upholding the law??? I'm all for second chances - maybe even third, but habitual offenders need to be repremanded - sometimes severely, because God knows, our prison systems do no rehabilitation... Jesus!!!

Anonymous said...

sharon you see (or they dont want you to see) its that there is something very wrong so that said; the sweeter and more quitly its done its ok to them (meaning the courts ) a conviction is a conviction, until something different comes out sometime in the future and the only ones who get hurt are the families, but the people who convicted them take no shame or blame just ask senator delahunt by that time its to late.

Christopher King said...


To both of you, actually.

They really DGAF about Justice so much as they get a conviction, right man wrong man whatever, book it Dano.


Here's the $64K Question though:

Does a black man or minority man of color receive the same slap on the wrist, doubtful.


-The KingCaster.