19 August 2010

KingCast makes a drink!

Ode to Jerry Springer, my favorite customer when I was a bartender at Sudsy Malone's.

Anyway, you need the slightly sour grapes from your backyard vestigial vines, a small watermelon, some triple sec, Sauza Gold or whatever Tequila you like, fresh garden basil (regular and Thai for the garnish), juice from two limes and let it rip. I combined half the half pint O' Triple Sec with the moonshine/grape mash (left) prior to draining, then poured about half the 750ml Tequila bottle into the puree from the basil-infused watermelon chunks seen in the blender, at right.

I then poured a dash of the Tequila into the grape/Triple Sec mix for Good Measure, hit a quick blend and pour over ice, garnish with flowered Thai basil.

Place 650R in driveway apron, place key on fireplace mantel.

KingCast: Reel News for Real People.

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