20 August 2010

Hey KingCast, who is the guy holding the camera on your main portal?

UPDATE: Ladies and Gentemen: The Rolling Stones is being screened this summer and fall at theatres across the Country.

It's Rolling Stones film maker -- George Manupelli. I need to give him a call, check in with him. He's a Great Guy. Just listening to some mid-to-late Rolling Stones and thought of him. Specifically I was checking out the last good album, specifically "Before they make me run," great rhythm track. Bill Wyman's presence on that one is the kicker, I wonder what he was playing but it sounds a bit like a Rickenbacker but I don't think he was known for playing those. This site has him playing a 4005 JG but this site says that's false. Nobody seems to know what he recorded Some Girls with after his Fender Mustang was boosted. Anyway, enough of that, here's the damn song already, Viva Vinyl!!!

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