15 July 2010

KingCast tells NH Attorney Ken Barnes: "Martha McLeod is a clueless dirtbag former legislator who has no clue about the Law of Defamation."

First of all, she claims that she "only" published it to 12 people in the Legislature. Guess what? That only goes to damages, Martha... you idiot. So what if you "only" lied to 12 Legislators, you made the comment without any sort of Executive Privilege, and you're still a stinking liar and quite deceitful, same way you went behind the backs of the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee folks to initiate failed HB 1428, see generally "Cool Cats" series, infra.

Second, I don't believe her. Gionet must demand all of her emails, public and private within the relevant timeframe. I couldn't get them in my lawsuit but I'll betcha' he can. Judge Vaughn can't run that same game he ran on me, hahahaaa....

Third, it was still imminently foreseeable that future publication would ensue (pardon the play on words, hahahaaa...).

Fourth, she also lied about me: as she accused me and others of
"threats of physical and sexual violence."

I could continue but as I said I'll just sit back and wait in the cutty for Judicial Committee member Bill O'Brien to work his magic on this dirtbag, then use the discovery when I sue her. Funny how Karma works, note that another dirtbag cop from the North Country died recently, better not try to name a road after him or there will be hell to pay, see the "Cool Cats" posts.

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Lupines are out, Edmond Gionet is about to sue Martha Mcleod (with the full McLeod Defamation).

Martha, Martha, Martha, you crack me up. You make me laugh so hard I could barely finish my newest KingCast Motorsports video on the 650R, "Welcome to Sprockets!"

PS: And who could forget the related classroom discussion on the Franconia shooting tragedy coverup, with Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and multiple felon Gregory Floyd.....


Christopher King said...

In case you haven't seen it.

Written by staff writer Robert Blechl in yesterday's Caledonian-Record.

State Reps: McLeod's E-mail Possibly Slanderous

An e-mail sent to a committee of state representatives by former New Hampshire Rep. Martha McLeod has some accusing her of improperly using the Internet server of a local health care network to attack her former colleagues after a vote did not go her way.

On April 6, after the House Public Works Committee voted to recommend that the full House not pass a bill to honor murdered Franconia Police Cpl. Bruce McKay, McLeod sent an e-mail to committee members and to House Speaker Terie Norelli from the North Country Health Consortium, of which
McLeod is Executive Director.

McLeod stated that, in her view, Franconia and state youth will see the committee's vote as "support for violence and murder as a solution to the everyday challenges of being stopped for a motor vehicle violation.

"Your actions would lack the same compassion for human life that the young man who violently killed [McKay] expressed with his actions," wrote McLeod, a Democrat from Franconia. She ended her e-mail by stating, "We deserve an explanation for this
committee's support of a murder and violence as a solution..."

In May 2007, McKay was shot multiple times and run over by Easton resident Liko Kenney, 24, who was then shot to death by passer-by Gregory W. Floyd. At town meeting in March , Franconia
residents voted 93-73 against a state highway memorial for McKay.

In her e-mail, McLeod charged committee members Rep. Gene Chandler, R0Bartlett, and Rep. Edmond Gionet, R-Lincoln, with having conflicts of interest in their vote.

McLeod stated Gionet was stopped and ticketed by McKay and tried unsuccessfully to "get the ticket fixed" and said Chandler is a "good friend of the Kenney family."

Two days later, in an e-mail to McLeod, Chandler stated he is not friends with any member of the Kenney family, and to his knowledge, has not had any conversations with a member of the family. He asked McLeod to correct the record.

In a reply, McLeod told Chandler he provides leadership to the community and he should be "ashamed" of himself "for supporting violence over safety in our community with your vote to dishonor the officer and cause so much pain and suffering to his family." She said in her opinion it is time Chandler "step down from politics and stop harming New Hampshire communities."

In a May 3 statement to the House of Representatives, Gionet stated he never met with McKay on either a personal or professional basis and believes he has been "defamed and falsely accused of a criminal act in attempting to fix a
speeding ticket."

Gionet, who said in his letter he will seek damages as prescribed by law, provided a stamped copy of his driving record from the NH DMV that shows a clean record and no infractions.

On May 4, Gionet and Chandler drafted a letter to NCHC's board of directors as well as to Nick Toumpas, NH Dept of Health and Human Services commissioner, informing them that a "vicious and possibly slanderous e-mail" was sent through
NCHC by McLeod.

Gionet and Chandler state McLeod's e-mail "crosses over the line" and "reverts to lies and slander in an attempt to gain revenge, in anger, over a vote that did not go as she had anticipated."

The two representatives said through her e-mail, McLeod "has questioned the character of members of the House Public Works Committee... who were merely voting their conscience on this issue" and said they object to McLeod's "use of taxpayer supported resources for non-business use and
personal attacks."

Christopher King said...

On Tuesday, Gionet said he has not heard back from NCHC's board of directors or from McLeod.

"Up to this point, I haven't gotten an answer, but I have gotten an attorney who sent a letter to Martha and the board," Gionet said. "She hasn't come forward with any explanation."

Gionet, who is up for re-election in November, said there was no reason for McLeod to "chastise" the committee and feels her e-mail could damage his reputation.

"It's hard to undu these things when you make these accusations,"he said.

NCHC Board President Louise McCleery, who is Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital CEO, was unavailable for comment Tuesday. Calls placed to McLeod and to NCHC Board Vice President Peter Higbee of the Tri-County Community Action Program were not returned.

Christopher King said...

Meanwhile somebody was researching a rather interesting June 2007 post about Russell Conte and Kelly Ayotte's lies in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

I mean, really blatant lies.

The elder Floyd drove his Tahoe into a spot between McKay and Kenney as a shield and told his son, who is in his late teens, to run to the officer's cruiser and radio for help.
.....we know that is a lie now because Liko's car was on top of McKay (fn see comments)

The elder Floyd picked up McKay's gun from the ground and ordered Kenney to drop his weapon. Kenney refused, and Floyd saw Kenney appear to be reloading, Conte said. Floyd then shot and killed Kenney, Conte said.
.....we know that is a lie because Floyd said so himself.

-The KingCaster.