25 July 2010

KingCast Sunday movies: Riverside Moto GP demo party + Cashman/Big Dig urban blight & corporate filth & irresponsibility.

Today is a Double Feature, Dani Pedrosa pitching it away at Laguna Seca..... Look for it late night or early in the morning. It is hard to tell who the Bad Guys were with respect to Cashman and Bechtel's mismanagement (Boston Globe 9 Feb. 2003 feature part one) but one thing we all know is that the overall malfeasance was palpable, and costs Boston taxpayers hundreds of millions. My point, as you will soon see, is that whether or not Cashman got screwed, whomever is managing the building for Cashman in my backyard had better get their ass out here and clean it up because what I see is reprehensible. They are creating an environment ripe for drug addiction, prostitution and general urban blight.

Meanwhile, here's the Flickr account of today's activities, parental discretion is advised.

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Christopher King said...

Yepper.... I'm going straight to the Mayor's Office with this video, that lot will be cleaned up with the quickness.

-The KingCaster.

SHE said...

People don't always realize, but making their sidewalks and neighborhood clean and safe juuuuust may improve their quality of life more than anything the president of the United States could ever do.

Great Job, Chris! A true American.

(Just think of all the campaign money you saved!)