04 July 2010

KingCast sees Fox 25 punk out on Scott Hyman/Julie & Don Prescott v. Hemlock Association coverage.

As the video shows, the Globe and Fox 25 were both there a couple of years ago. Then I know for fact they were notified of the pending trial and of the landmark $1.7M verdict. The Globe is supposed to be publishing a Sunday feature story next week 11 July, having verified the verdict I published here last week.

As to Fox: Whatever guys, so much for your allegiance to Justice and to the Fourth Estate.

Here's the main blog entry, "Neighbors!"
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SHE said...

So, KingCast, you have told us that Fox25 and the Boston Globe did not cover this shocking story. But can you please give us some ideas as to WHY Fox25 and the Boston Globe would choose to ignore a story like this?

Unless there has been a change in management, it seems unlikely that they don't regard it as newsworthy, since your video shows that they did cover it in the past.

I taped this story on WBZ, and looking back, the other headlines of that day don't seem any more newsworthy: a several day old story on Russian spies, an Olympic swimmer assaulted by scooter thieves, hurricane Alex coming soon to Texas...

My understanding is that part of the reason our justice system uses high-dollar punitive damages is Publicity. (Publicity as in, for example, the Boston Globe and Fox25.) To make an example of the guilty for all to see. The government and the members of the jury seek to publicize that such behavior is intolerable in our society and will be strongly punished --

a message directed not only to potential perpetrators, but also, and perhaps more importantly, to victims. Important to each person of any faith, nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, age -- however you can slice it.

Meaning, this message is important to the safety and well-being of Each And Every Person in the Fox25 and Boston Globe audience. There is not a single exception.

SO -- with so many opportunities and so many media available to tell this story, and with Lakeville so close to Boston, what could be the problem, strategy, value system, or goal, of Fox25 and the Boston Globe, when they chose not to cover this story, which is so important to our justice system and to 100% of the community?

Is a triumph over anti-semitism unimportant, boring, irritating... or what?? Or (and I'm sorry, but I cannot help but wonder), is this perhaps MORE anti-semitism?

Mr. King... you got any ideas??

Christopher King said...


I don't care to speculate at this time as to WTF is (or is not) going on, although I will say that you asked a lot of crucial questions and you and I have similar sensibilities as to what is newsworthy and what is not.

Mr. Hyman tells me that the Globe is now planning extensive coverage on Sunday and that they were wanting to get the verdict in hand before writing.

I posted the Verdict on 30 June 2010.

In any event, you'll note Attorney Kusma has some thoughts on the matter in the video, and he offered more in my candid interview with Attorney Minchoff and him, I have not released that, nor have I released the interview with Messrs. Hyman and Prescott.

All things in Due Time, but the story itself had to be put out there ASAP, different journalists do things differently, but I do think the Globe should have had SOMETHING in the paper immediately, then perhaps a follow up.

As to FOX 25, who knows.... I do know that I telephoned them, and emailed them, as did the principals in this case, who did same with the Globe.

-The KingCaster.