20 July 2010

KingCast says YouTube is full of dookie on the view counter.

Sooooo.....See the video of me joining dozens of other U.S. Citizens to shut down SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway in the post below?

See how the screen capture shows 324 views?

Yah, well that's complete and utter fokken bullshit, it has had 324 views for more than two (2) months now, and I personally know at least a dozen people who have watched it in the past several weeks and many before that. And that's just people I know in NH and MA..... Fact is, the Internet is a bullshit device designed to keep you entertained on worthless drivel, and this blog exists in spite of all of that and don't you forget it.

KingCast: Reel News for Reel People, We know what time it is.

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