06 July 2010

KingCast roundup: Boston Firefighters, Scott Hyman v. Lakeville/Hemlocks and Kelly Ayotte's Franconia Shooting tragedy coverup.

Soooo.... Just now I finished a quick yoga set and prepared to head out for a skate when blam! Up pops another news story. Short film forthcoming, i.e. by 1:30 or so. I was barefoot and if you think the pavement is hot today, just try stepping on an electrical grate when you're not looking, truly remarkable heat coming off that puppy.

I have mad respect for ALL firefighters (even Joey Fasano when he doesn't have cocaine on his face and in the car in which he is traveling), see more on the now-forgotten "Quincy (Cocaine) Road Rage" case, and I like to see them get the right equipment and servicing they need to stay alive out here. More on that here with video from the Pipes & Drums guys at Rock Bottom Brewery.

From last week's $1.7M Scott Hyman bigot case in Lakeville to the South, to the Franconia shooting tragedy cover up by U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte to the North, KingCast is Reel News for Real People. Ayotte may very well win, and that will be a Sad Day for American Politics. Look at her documented track record, and here's more on the recent FRM Ponzi Scam overlook.


Anonymous said...

Chris - I need to talk to you. How do I reach you? We phone tagged a few months ago, but I lost your number... can you call me again, or email your info? Would really appreciate it - I may need your help with something...


Christopher King said...

Hey Man,

Great to hear from you!