21 July 2010

KingCast presents Scott Hyman/Lakeville neighbor in $1.7M verdict: "There was more friction than friendship between Bren Ladino and the Prescotts...."

Update: Plaintiffs' Reply Memorandum to the Motion for Directed Verdict/JNOV is due today or tomorrow, I will post it in this space as well as in this original JNOV post.

As I told you in this post late last week, I think it's a specious argument set forth by the Lakeville/Hemlock Defendants that area resident Steve Chaput could have just as easily painted the swastikas on Scott Hyman and Don/Julie Prescott's garages.

I'm making a short film later today about this using the rest of Mr. Chaput's testimony, but basically Bren Ladino asked him if he knew when the Prescotts would be away on vacation, just before the swastikas appeared. When counsel for Defendants asked if Ladino and Prescott were friends, Chaput shut him down: "There was friction..... not so much friendship as friction."

Here's the seminal post.
Here's the re-cap video.

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